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Living Timefully is the world’s first time management programme with mindfulness at its core.

Time is both malleable and stretchable. By changing the speed and nature of your thoughts, you will find you can get everything done in a fraction of the time – and with more ease and less effort. When you live timefully, you change your relationship with time at a fundamental level.

Take control of your Personal Time Machine – Your Mind.

Course Synopsis

This self study programme is delivered in ten modules over a period of 10 weeks. Over this period, you will see and experience how to create as much time as you need and how to ensure everything turns up just at the right time.

Each lesson consists of:

  • One or more animated videos explaining how we can experience time in a different way
  • One or more guided audio visualisations
  • Some simple tasks for each coming week that allow you to put the theory into practice

What you will get from taking this course

  • A new relationship with time
  • An elongation of your personal time
  • A new awareness of your thoughts
  • Much more time back than it takes to absorb the course

Managing Time Mindfully Audiobook

In total, the course contains contains over 2 hours of instructional videos and 4 hours of mind-opening audio visualisations … plus the 3 hour audiobook version of Managing Time Mindfully.

In total, the course contains contains over 2 hours of instructional videos and 4 hours of mind-opening audio visualisations.

Week 1 : Where Does The Time Go?

The precursor to living timefully is becoming mindful of where time goes and where it comes from. The answer is deceptively simple, yet most people never give it a second thought.

Week 2 : Banish Your Time Bandits

Next we get rid of those stealers of time from our lives, which at least doubles the amount of time we have available.

Week 3 : The Importance of Me Time

Find out why Me Time is not a luxury but an essential. Every mind-full minute spent in this special place comes back in spades.

Week 4 : Symmetrical Thinking

How to get both sides of our brain working in harmony and focussing on what they are best suited for.

Week 5 : Whole Mind Time

Learn how mind centres outside our brain work to different clocks and how we can use this to our advantage. Find out how to avoid ‘mindfalls’ – one of the biggest bandits of time.

Week 6 : Natural Time

Find out how the man made calendar has thrown us out of sync and how to get back in tune with natural cycles.

Week 7 : Future Time

Discover how to tune into flashes of enlightenment in less than a second and how to get messages sent back in time from your future self.

Week 8 : Right Place, Right Time

Learn how to get on your life path so just the right serendipities arrive at just the perfect time. Find out how goals based on what we want to learn, save us bags of time and allow the perfect circumstances to arrive at our door, just when we want them.

Week 9 : Managing Time Together

Find out how to use the techniques in this course in group settings. Save huge amounts of time in meetings by getting to consensus faster.

Week 10 : Living Timefully

Learn how to apply all the best practices from this course in your daily life, in no time at all. Discover how to make the best of each rotation of the Earth on its axis and each of its orbits around the Sun. Discover the joy of ditching your To Do List and creating and living with a To Love List.

What Time Travellers are saying about this programme:

“I want to give you my deepest appreciation for your course that I’m in the middle of. I passionately love to learn new things and have a desire to do so many things in life. I love your voice you are a wonderful teacher. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!”

Travelling Light Testimonial

“I had always blamed my lack of time on external factors, but this course has opened my eyes to the impact of my own mindset on my predicament. This course is a must for anyone who feels they are perpetually run off their feet. It’s time to step up and make a positive change for yourself.”
“Tom’s BRILLIANT, FUN and EFFORTLESS methodologies, teachings, guided meditations, and joyful exercises taught me to literally use time in a way that allowed me to approach my day with ease and grace. He also uses beautiful, soothing brain entrainment music to bring people more deeply into ‘the Zone’.”

Time Management with a Difference

“What a wonderful teacher and true uplifter you are. I always had difficulties with guided meditations as they often felt contrived and unnatural. I think you found a nice balance in your choice and it blends very well with your prosaic relaxed voice.”
“Don’t be fooled if you listen to the tracks and think maybe they’re not working. I didn’t notice anything different. That was, until I sat down to write my book. To my amazement, I was writing a chapter in about 1 hour, and the ideas came easily. Thanks Tom for providing such a wonderful product. It really did help me bend time.”
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