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Awaken Your Inner Magician

MerkabaTake a Trip of a Lifetime

My Awaken Your Inner Magician programme takes you on magical journey.

You will learn the secret of how to bring New Magic for a New Era into your world, as described in my new book of the same name.

Discover how to create a flow of money, generate extra time and unlimited light-bulb moments. Learn how to find your perfect soul-mate, dream job and to live a life you love.

This transformational programme will also include a trip around, and inside, the Cube of Karma and the Tree of Thought. These are contemporary versions of ancient esoteric glyphs.

There is no baggage; no dogma; no need for you to change your belief set. There is only one guarantee and that’s that your life will never be the same again.

Many personal development programmes are remedial – fixing something which is damaged or broken. This programme is generative – it takes a person who is OK and makes them magnificent.

This programme is spread over a whole year and each month you will reach a new level of enlightenment, each month building on the last. In just 12 months, you will undergo a kind of death-less reincarnation and evolve to a new level of being.

Note that exceptionally advanced journeyers can accelerate this process and take the upgrade within a few months. Some journeyers may take these steps in slightly different orders.

So are you ready to evolve to another level of being?

Those who embark upon this path of advanced personal development will learn how to live a charmed and magical life. Struggle will become a thing of the past and serendipity will ooze from everything you touch.

Those that join in with this programme will be ‘Entering an Adytum'; an inner sacred space where true magic happens.

Many personal development programmes are remedial and set out to fix that which is broken. This is different as it is generative. It takes the ordinary and makes it magnificent.

Wanna play?

What’s on the menu?

Take Four Books

This journey unlocks more of the secrets in my new book, New Magic for a New Era. You will get a copy upon registering for the programme, PLUS copies of three of my earlier books, The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being AND a special bonus gift to switch all sorts of magic on in your life.

Here’s what the journey holds for you:

  • Step One : Life Path
  • Step Two : Recipes for Fresh Thinking
  • Step Three : Rebirth
  • Step Four : The IDEA of MAGIC
  • Step Five : Advancement
  • Step Six : Temporal Alchemy
  • Step Seven : Initiation
  • Step Eight : Stepping Up
  • Step Nine : Self Mastery
  • Step Ten : Unifying Your Chakras
  • Step Eleven : Connecting with the Above
  • Step Twelve : Embracing the Below

AYIM FolderEach step consists of:

  • A 1-2-1 mentoring session
  • All workbooks and materials
  • An initiation
  • Simple tasking for each step
  • A practical output for you or your business each month

To document, record and help instigate your transformation, you will be provided with a very special workbook that contains all sorts of magical gifts.

Mona Oha

Your Investment of Time

You will need to devote about an hour or so a week for the whole year on this program – or a half day a month. You will have permanent access to the materials so you can always catch up if you fall behind a little.

As it happens, you will learn how to control the speed of time anyway. The very notion of not having enough time will disappear.

ELOOStep One : Life Path

We start out by clearing the decks and stopping any procrastination that will limit or restrict your development at source. From day 1, you will be tuned into a higher level of awareness that will deepen over the year.

Discover why you really incarnated in this lifetime and what you came to do. In this first month, you will make great strides forward by clearing the decks and stopping any procrastination that will limit or restrict your development at source. From the outset, you will be tuned into a higher level of awareness that will deepen over the year.

  • The Path of Involution and Evolution
  • Soul Part Integration
  • Mental decluttering
  • Initiation of your Inner Magician

MOHARAStep Two : Recipes for Fresh Thinking

The true power of a magician is not in what they know, it lies in what they can do and how well they can manifest their thoughts in the Physical Plane. This step introduces the secret behind invoking contemporary, safe and ethical ‘spells’ that work. At the end of this step, if you are a coach or a therapist, you will learn how to deliver a chargeable service to augment your practice.

  • The Flavours of our Thoughts
  • Getting to the Obvious
  • Floughts and Ant-floughts
  • Concocting Recipes

NEKTUMStep Three : Rebirth

You are now ready for a huge step forward. This step takes you through a ‘deathless reincarnation’ or ‘software upgrade for the soul’. It is time to leave the old you behind and step into new shoes.

  • Entering the Cube
  • Embracing adversity
  • Active Adaptation
  • Discovering the New You


Having learned how to create money flow in your life, in this step you will learn how to tap into deep inspiration at any time you need an idea.

  • What blocks Aha moments
  • The MAGIC of Aha moments
  • The Power of the Spin Off
  • Making your ideas happen

TAN'ATARAStep Five : Advancement

This next step is all about discovering your fully alive powers – and learning to control and moderate them before really finding out how amazingly powerful humans can be.

  • Losing your stabilisers
  • Escaping from Mindfalls
  • Going Meta
  • Entangling with your perfect future

HANARStep Six : Temporal Alchemy

What better way to take on board a fundamental change than being able to control the speed of time so you can get more done in less time? You will also heal any issues in past lives that may hold you back and define and entangle with the perfect future you. For anyone who has taken the Living Timefully course, this is temporal alchemy of another level.

  • Softening time
  • Creating as much time as you need
  • Healing the past
  • The secret of rejuvenation

OM TAT SATStep Seven : Initiation

This next step facilitates the initiation into a higher level of awareness, perception and super-sensible abilities. This is all about being in the centre of your own power and being independent of all external influences.

  • Merging with Higher Self
  • Karmic Ownership
  • Defining your Inner Magician
  • Working etherically

PRADNAStep Eight : Stepping Up

Here’s where you step up to the plate and start to shine. People will wonder what you’re on and notice a shift in your energy. Magic (and money) will start to flow in your world and serendipity will turn up at your door.

  • How to control the flow of money energy
  • Developing your promise
  • Making and keeping promises
  • Spotting signs and allowing serendipity to arrive

LOTUSStep Nine : Self-Mastery

Self mastery is not a state we reach that allows us to declare to all and sundry that we have reached some new level. It is an ongoing process and way of being. In the same way that nobody else can breathe, eat, love and dream for you, self mastery by definition is personal to all of us.

  • Incarnation of Higher Self
  • Working with the Higher Realms
  • Passing the Lesser Guardian
  • Voiding Karma

AVATARAStep Ten : Unifying Your Chakras

This half way step brings together all the steps to date and shows how to reach another level of manifestation. It is also a necessary precursor to take before entering the Cube of Karma.

  • Unblocking and balancing your chakras
  • Seven Chakra Energisation
  • Alpha and Omega chakra activation
  • Conscious control of chakras
  • Chakra unification

DANASStep Eleven : Connecting with the Above

At this stage of the journey, you will be operating at a whole new level. It is time to see your advancement in perspective and to understand that there is an infinite set of rungs yet to climb.

  • Soul Audit with the Tree of Thought
  • The Planes of Being
  • Divination and channelling
  • Becoming an Oracle

ARISStep Twelve : Embracing the Below

At this point of the journey, you discover what it is you are really meant to do. At the same time, you also discover exactly how to do it – by entering service and acting as a conduit for the Higher Self and Higher Powers.

  • Eight Corner Activation
  • Designing your own Cube
  • Connecting the Above to the Below
  • Working from heart
  • Entering Service
  • Leaving the Duality and entering the Triality

Course Options

You can invest in this course in one of several ways:

Option 1: Initial payment of £999 to cover 1st mentoring session and materials, then £333 per month for 11 months – total £4662

Option 2: one up front payment of £4444 (by cheque or BACS transfer)


This programme is delivered with 1-2-1 personal mentoring sessions throughout. Over the year, you will receive around 24 hours of mentoring, which nominally will be delivered in a 2 hour session in each month. Some months may be longer and some shorter – sometimes we will do 2 one hour sessions over Skype. As you will see, time is not as fixed as you think and even in two hours we will achieve what feels like a day’s worth of transformation.

Sessions can either be at my home office in the Surrey Hills or anywhere in the world over Skype. You can of course invest in additional 1-2-1 time to work on specific projects, channellings and personal enlightenment.

What People Are Saying About Their Journey

Denise Harris-Heigho

Gone are my days of confusion

Surrey, UK 

Gone are my days of confusion and self doubt. What you have created and are creating is absolutely amazing. For me the real beauty of it is the speed at which things are happening.

Contact me using the form below if you would like to make your next 12 months simply your best yet