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Awaken Your Inner Magician

MerkabaTake a Trip of a Lifetime

My Awaken Your Inner Magician programme takes you on a trip around, and inside, an esoteric glyph known as the Cube of Space, which is a multi-dimensional map of the Tarot, and indeed us. A full study of the Cube of Space, and indeed the Tarot, could take a lifetime – or several lifetimes!

By using all 22 of the Flavours of Thought on this cube, it becomes much easier to understand and the wisdom contained both within and ‘with-out’. The learnings becomes much easier to absorb and take on board.

The Cube itself is based on esoteric wisdom which is packaged in a safe and contemporary framework. It is just brimming with insight and erudition.

There is no baggage; no dogma; no need for you to change your belief set.

There is only one guarantee – after a journey around the Cube, your life will never be the same again.

This programme is spread over a whole year and each month you will reach a new level of enlightenment, each month building on the last. In just 12 months, you will undergo a kind of death-less reincarnation and evolve to a new level of being.

So are you ready to evolve to another level of being?

Those who embark upon this path of advanced personal development will learn how to live a charmed and magical life. Struggle will become a thing of the past and serendipity will ooze from everything you touch.

Those that join in with this programme will be ‘Entering an Adytum'; an inner sacred space where true magic happens.

Many personal development programmes are remedial and set out to fix that which is broken. This is different as it is generative. It takes the ordinary and makes it magnificent.

Wanna play?

What’s on the menu?

This gastronomic menu of the flavours of thought consists of a feast of sumptuous courses and a magical journey through zones of increasing wonderment.

The Cube

Here’s what the next 12 months hold for you:

  • Step One: Software Reset for the Soul
  • Step Two: Re-Birth in the Zone of Intention
  • Step Three: Advancement in the Zone of Charm
  • Step Four: Initiation in the Zone of of Grace
  • Step Five: Self Mastery in the Zone of Sagacity
  • Step Six: Entry into the Zone of Adeptness
  • Step Seven: Completion in the Zone of Service
  • Step Eight: Soul Audit
  • Step Nine: Initiation into the Unified Chakra
  • Step Ten: Defining Your Own Reality
  • Step Eleven: Eight Corner Activation
  • Step Twelve: Entering the Zone of Triality

Each step consists of:

  • Several guided, mind-opening meditations
  • Instructional videos
  • An initiation
  • Simple tasking for the month

Special bonuses:

In month two of the programme, you will also get complementary ebook copies of my two books, Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being, which lift the lid on the real meanings and secrets behind the Tarot. Together, they tell the story of who and what we really are.Flavours of Thought & Planes of Being

Course Options

30 Day GuaranteeYou can take in this course in one of two ways:

Self Study

Option 1: £144 per month for 12 months (by Paypal or credit card) – total £1728

Option 2: one up front payment of £1440 (by cheque or BACS transfer)


For a more intensive and transformative experience, I offer personal mentoring for part or all of the journey. For example a mentored session at the start, the end and somewhere in the middle can be beneficial. Use the form below to request more details.

p.s. during the first month, if you decide for any reason that this programme is not for you, you can cancel your subscription and you will be refunded your first month’s fee with no questions asked. After 30 days no cancellation is possible.

p.p.s. In the new reality, such fear-based guarantees are no longer necessary. This is only included at the first step as a check and balance for those who are ready.

Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

Monthly callsUndertaking personal development programmes of this nature can be quite lonely. I know as I have been taking two advanced programmes for a number of years and have been on my own! For this reason, on the first Friday of every month where calenderically possible, there will be a monthly ‘Master Minds’ call where we can share and discuss experiences, enlightenments and any resistance to growth. These calls will be from 1 to 2pm GMT so people from the Americas and Asia-Pacific can join in. These are included in your investment in the programme. They are completely optional and you can join in as many or as few as you like over the 12 month period. All you will need is an Internet connection and ideally a headset. p.s. if at any time you need 1-2-1 support, this can be purchased on an hourly basis. You’ll get details of how to book on ‘Master Minds’ calls and for 1-2-1 sessions when you sign up.

What People Are Saying About Their Journey

“My life has changed out of all recognition. Before I started my journey around The Cube, I felt stuck and confused about how to best integrate my skills, experience and knowledge and create a business concept that I felt passionate about. It has helped me get off the treadmill and given me the momentum to take charge of the direction I’m heading in with a stronger sense of certainty, clarity and purpose. The whole process has been a smooth and seamless transition. It’s difficult to pinpoint what happened where, when or how. Things just feel as though they are starting to gel together, at the right time, in the right places. Thank you, Tom for your guidance and support and flashes of genius that have inspired me along the way. Most of all thank you for teaching me that everything and anything is possible when you step back and trust that things really are that simple!” – Jaycee la Bouche

“A amazing journey with a depth that has staggered me and given me a completely new outlook. It has opened a door to a new life building on the one I had.” – Jackie Walker

“Gone are my days of confusion and self doubt. What you have created and are creating is absolutely amazing. For me the real beauty of it is the speed at which things are happening.” – Denise Harris-Heigho

“It’s the most amazing personal development work I have done to date – a must for everyone who is tired of living a mediocre life” – Elvira Villarini

“Chance brought me to the Cube. As soon as I spotted it, I sensed that a big leap was about to be made. Tom and I have worked together for a few years now but the session took everything we have done to a different level. The depth has staggered me and given me a completely new outlook. It would be fair to say that I have opened a door to a new life building on the one I had. I don’t know quite where it’s going but I do know that within minutes of finishing I had ‘luck’ land at my doorstep! I am out of my own way now!” – Pauline Crawford

Contact me using the form below if you would like to make the next year your best yet