Author Mentoring

Author MentoringWhen you write and publish a book, you will be amazed at the doors it opens for you.

Writing a book is a journey, not just a process. Like all journeys, it can have its ups and its downs, its fun times and its hard times. At the end of the journey, the author will have learned & experienced many new things.
The best journeys I have ever been on are the ones when I’ve been pointed in the right direction by guides who know not only the territory but what things I am looking for and that I find interesting.

My 1-2-1 mentoring service is designed to give authors the essential help they need just at the right points on their path. It’s comprised of three paths tailored for authors at different points on their journey.

As part of your first mentoring session, all authors will get a signed copy of a choice of one of my books PLUS

Path 1: Mapping Your Route

For every journey you undertake, it’s a good idea to take a map so you can see where you are heading. As a master mind map trainer, I provide a bespoke ‘map making’ service both face to face, and over Skype with desktop sharing anywhere in the world, that will show your clear path to being a published author.

You will end up with:

  • A conceptual map of your material
  • Identification of your target reader and market
  • A strong connection with your creative muse
  • A clear structure for your book
  • Training on the use of powerful metaphors and reader-entrancing nested loops
  • A time management plan for writing and publication

Again this is done on a one off basis or over a series of monthly calls. When you sign up for this service, you will also get access to loads of home study course materials and resources.

“Tom’s ideas, support, enthusiasm and warmth are a real joy; he is a man gifted with many talents – and it is undoubtedly a gift to be in his company.His generosity of spirit shines through, and he offers smart solutions as well – I recommend him wholeheartedly.” – Christine Miller, Editor of ReSource Magazine

Path 2: Unblocking

Perhaps you’ve started writing a book but stopped or life is simply getting in the way. Don’t fret, we’ve all been there and done that. It’s just part of the process.

Perhaps you’ve written a book and are stuck on how to get it published – author’s block is as insidious as writer’s block.

I work with authors face to face, over the phone and on a one off basis or over a series of monthly sessions. I guarantee you will be a different person as a result of working with me.

My approach is author-centric not book-centric.

If you are in business and want your book to open doors for you, I will show you how. I also work with many authors for whom the writing process is one of catharsis and therapy. Some of the people I work with don’t even get published – the process of writing itself delivers what is needed.

I show authors and creatives how to embrace fears that hold you back and make procrastination something you used to do !!

I will also show you how to connect with your Muse and how to ‘bend time’ and write in the zone so you get whats seems like 2 to 4 hours worth of output downloaded in an hour or so.

And I have been there and got all the T-Shirts !!!

“I really enjoyed working with Tom. It was very creative and fun and I left with the confidence that I can write a book, and I have already started the process. Tom has such a huge knowledge not only about the publishing industry and how it really works, but also he helped us to clear blocks so that we could tap into our inspirations – thank you Tom you are a master in unleashing the book within”

Path 3: Getting Published

Nowadays getting published is in the hands of authors. There are multiple routes to getting published and you just need to choose the one that suits you, your book and your business the best.

This service is ideal for authors who have already completed a 1st draft and covers the following:

  • Structural review, edit & ghost writing
  • Proof reading & cost effective self-publishing
  • Goal setting & future entanglement
  • Recommendations & connections for routes to publication
  • Preparation of Book Submissions & Proposals that get results
  • ePublication for elearning with multimedia
  • ePublication for Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone & iPad, Android phones & tablets etc etc …
  • Building your own online Author Platform
  • Blogging & Social Media set up & training

“Tom is a constant inspiration, source of ideas and realiser of your dreams – most notably the ones you don’t know you have!” – Jackie Walker, author of Around the House in 80 Days

As each of these services is bespoke, designed around your personal needs and note all mentees get access to loads of goodies as part of each package …