Light Up Your Business

tombulb1_r_ccIt is easy to assume that Light Bulb Moments, by their nature, happen at random and outside our control.

They are after all elusive, ethereal and intangible by their very nature.

Well it’s entirely possible to have them on demand and around a specific requirement or subject.

This unique service is designed not only to generate one or more light bulb moments on demand but also to teach you how to experience them too.

Available on a one-to-one basis, or for teams or businesses, in just a few hours this process will transform your world and take you in entirely new directions.

Optionally, one to one sessions can be based around a creativity walk in the wonderful Surrey Hills.

“I am reading your book The Art & Science of Lightbulb Moments and trying out the mind map for lightbulb ideas on my 23 year old niece who wants to create a climate app and my 18 year old niece who is looking at what to do in the future. We had the most amazing result and it really crystalised their thoughts and gave them new ideas. Also since you did your workshop at our clinic, we have been so busy and lots of great things have happened in only one month. Can’t wait to do more work with you” – Tone Tellefsen Hughes, Luck’s Yard Clinic, Godalming

What you will learn:

  • The source of inspiration
  • The secrets of free association
  • The generation of unlimited spin offs
  • The arts of Whole Brain & Whole Mind Thinking
  • How to tune into and trust your gut and heart minds
  • How to prevent ideas getting away and being copied
  • How to bring in all the resources you need, as if by magic
  • How to form a permanent [24 hour] connection to your Creative Muse

These sessions are a great focus for ‘away days’ for businesses.

– and all attendees will get access to my self study course, The Magic of AHA

So contact me today to book your personal or team light bulb moment session

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“Thank you Tom for a most enlightening, transformational and productive ‘Light Bulb Moment’  session. Your passion and generosity of spirit has transformed my self limiting beliefs and helped me recognise my true value and worth; something I have struggled with for years! Such an innovative approach to help even the busiest of people to experience breakthrough and emerge with one big happy smile! You are truly a modern wizard in these challenging times.” – Alana Clynes, Holistic Dimensions