embedding mind mapsMy book, The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, contains many Mind Maps that can be used to generate inspirations on demand.

These are true visualisation tools as the work with the visual sense and visual cortex in the brain.

Note that the ‘audio’ visualisation, Embedding Mind Maps in your Neurology, can be used with any of them – download it free here

Package contents:

Map 1 : word association
Map 2 : clearing the air
Map 3 : light bulb moments free association
Map 4 : the normal mind
Map 5: idea rating
Map 6 : vestigial minds
Map 7 : flavours of thought
Map 8 : spin offs
Map 9 : voiding karma
Map 10 : the merged mind

Download Mind Maps here … note iMindmap .imm format only

Note that they are available in the .imm format for Tony Buzan’s iMindmap software only at the moment – contact me if you are interested in other formats.

You can even get a free 7 day trial of iMindmap here
Buzan's iMindMap