These are the three visualisations that accompany my book, Flavours of Thought.

Together, they take you to heightened states of consciousness and awareness and allow you to tune into the different flavours of thought with both ease and regularity. 

These visualisations use brain entrainment background audio to take the brain into alpha and theta states.

When used regularly, you will find your life takes unexpected turns for the better.

Warning: DO NOT play these files while driving or operating any machinery

The Quantum Collapse of Thought: how to still your inner voice and focus your Directive Thoughts – 11:00 mins

Re-minding Yourself: tuning into and repatterning your Unconscious Murmurs – 18:00 mins

Ethereal Whispers: connecting with Thoughts of Guidance – 11:00 mins

Bending Time

Change the way you think and add hours to your days

Many time management systems teach you how to better prioritise and how to beat procrastination

This system is fundamentally different – it shows you how to change the speed of your thoughts so you change the subjective passage of time

Learn how to get and stay in the zone and get more done in less time

Learn how to control your own Personal Time Machine – your Mind

Each module comes with a PDF workbook with easy to follow instructions and a set of MP3 recordings, lasting over 3 and a half hours in total, to take you into altered and heightened states of consciousness

The programme is simple to follow, completely safe and also very, very relaxing.

Take some Time Out to give yourself more Me-Time!

Your investment in this revolutionary time management programme is just £99 – and note you will get your investment back in no time at all.

Start Bending Time today !!