Listen to this Moments of Light interview with Jackie Walker to find out why target-based goal setting is past its sell-by-date.

– Have you set goals in the past that didn’t come to pass?
– Are you still struggling despite having set the best intentions?
– Do you feel life is harder than it should be?

Discover why target-based goal setting is ultimately limited in scope and basing your goals on what you might learn leads to more magical results …

Goals of Learning

Find out more about Learning Based Goal setting in this simple self study course …

“This method is brilliant. I really like how it values your life so far – much more wholistic approach to goal setting”

Virtually every goal setting system is target-based. While there is nothing wrong with this on the surface, goals set in this manner are essentially limited by our imagination, experience and the information to hand at the time they are set. Therein lies the flaw.

When you then align what you want to learn with what you want to achieve, something magical happens.

  • Firstly, you get presented with opportunities and challenges to help you grow as a person.
  • Secondly, the opportunities to help you achieve your goals start to appear as if by magic.
  • Thirdly, you achieve a level of results, which are much better than you ever even imagined.

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