The Zone ShowThis year, the Zone Show is really ramping up and I will be doing at least a podcast a week. This might make it hard to keep track and to find and tune into individual shows so this is the first of 12 monthly archives.

Lars Muhl On Hitting the Mark

An enlightening chat with Lars Muhl, the author of the O Manuscript and the Law of Light with a great tip for people who think they have sinned. Find out why being in or out of the zone is like hitting or missing the mark.

Overcoming the Procrastination Habit

Anticrastination expert, author and speaker, Rita Emmett, shares her wisdom on how to declutter our heads, our hearts and our world so we can get things done.

No Excuses No Limits

Author and speaker, Paul Wakefield, shares his wisdom and experience on what happens when we remove excuses and limits from our lives.

People Aren’t Widgets

Author and communications coach, Lucy Windsor, explains how the work force has become widgetised and how it’s time to end the blame game.

Saying Thank You & Meaning It

Author and speaker, Mary O’Dohonue shares her wisdom on how saying thank you and really meaning it pays so many dividends.