The Zone ShowThis month’s Zone Show has been a real blast and a great mix of practical and metaphysical advice and conversation. The show is truly where the esoteric meets the exoteric.

Out from the Shadows

Jeremy Mcdonald shares how we can step out from the shadows into the spotlight.

The Transcendent Mind

Sunita Pattani explains how ‘getting back to source’ is the key to finding emotional peace.

The Day God’s Train Stopped

Intuitive healer Patti Conklin reveals how pain and emotions are so interlinked and often resolve down to a word or a feeling.

PR for the People

Tina Fotherby of Famous Publicity explains how to develop and promote your personal brand in a way that engages journalists.

Podcasting with Purpose

Fellow podcaster, Rob Lawrence, shares how his Inspirational Creatives podcast came about and how podcasting has real purpose when it comes to creating legacy.

The Mothering Revolution

Jackie Walker talks about her amazing new movement to help women cherish and embrace their Inner Mother.

Sleep Your Fat Away

Joy and Roy Martina share the secret of how to use our sleep time to change who and what we are at a fundamental level.