The Zone ShowThis month has seen the Zone Show go up a few gears and also has been the most prolific month too in terms of numbers of interviews!

At the same time, I’ve been interviewed no less than 9 times on my new book – see Interviews are Like Buses

CompletelyNovel : The One Big Book Launch

Sarah Juckes explains how CompletelyNovel are doing things in the publishing world in a completely novel kind of way !

Amit Goswami on Quantum Economics

Find out why a quantum physicist is applying his mind and wisdom to the world of economics at this time of change and advancement.

How to Live a Charmed Life

Sunita Pattani turns the tables on me on how my new book, New Magic for a New Era came about.

The Giza Legacy

Rico Paganini reveals why there’s more to the pyramids that meets the eye and why what’s underneath them is where the truth lies.

The Healing Curve

Author and healer, Sara Chetkin, shares her wisdom and path of enlightenment and why there is a silver lining to the cloud of an illness or disease.

Rashmi Khilnani Speaks

Energy master, mystic and author, Rashmi Khilnani, shares her wisdom and a new vision for humanity.

Awaken Your Magic

Wonderful insights from Amanda C Watts on how we all have a role to play and a path to find.

Sharing Some Liquid Luck

Clinical psychologist and author, Dr. Joe Gallenberger, shares his wisdom on how we can get Lady Luck to visit our door.