I’ve been emailing daily nuggets of mindfulness out since August 2016. Then in May last year, I was approached by an amazingly talented artist from Norway, called Siri Stiklestad Opli, who offered to illustrate them. We have had an amazing year of co-creation working together.

The forthcoming GDPR regulations made us really re-evaluate the sense of using email for these messages and we wondered how we can both comply and spread the word. Independently one day, we both thought of a site that helps artists and writers called Patreon. Working together for a year has resulted in us both being in tune.

The result is that we are ready to launch and from the 30th June, the free emails will stop and we will exclusively use Patreon to share our daily messages with the world.

Seven Reasons We Are Moving

Daily messages#Reason 1 : we need to pay bills

It takes Siri and I a day a month to create and share these messages. After a year of producing them, we are both struggling to continue to do this for free. So a small contribution a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee, from existing subscribers will immediately take the pressure off us so we can continue to create them indefinitely. We really would appreciate your help in order to keep going.

Daily meditations#Reason 2 : increased value

The Patreon platform allows us to share much more than text and images so we saw this as an opportunity to create more valued added services. We are both passionate about the practice of daily meditation. So we have created a new service which includes a 21 day meditation re-treat PLUS exclusive access to a new meditation from each of us each month before anyone else hears it.

In addition, Siri has created wonderful watercolours while listening to each meditation which you can download in high resolution and print. Watch her create one live here …

Monthly Masterclasses#Reason 3 : sharing how we do it

For an inner circle of just 33 special supporters, we will be lifting the lid on how we both create our art in a series of monthly masterclasses. I’ll be showing how to tap into an unlimited stream of creativity and Siri will be teaching how to draw anything. You will also be shown how to write a JFT and the ones we like the best will be illustrated by Siri and shared, crediting you and promoting your business. You can even illustrate it too if you like!

#Reason 4 : leaving more of a legacy

The Patreon platform allows us to do much more than send out daily messages. Each new patron gets access to archive materials too.

This way they don’t miss out on what has gone before.

#Reason 5 : going viral

Each daily message can be shared with your friends and family on social media, or by email. You can also comment on each message and enter into dialogues with other Like Minds who get the messages.

The magic and power of such serendipitous connections is unlimited in its potential.

#Reason 6 : a gift that keeps on giving

With Patreon you can make someone’s day by gifting access to friends and family.

Just imagine giving a gift that pops into a friend’s life every week day.

#Reason 7 : the only constant is change

When you have done something really well for a year, it is a good idea to think about how you can do it even better. This way you don’t go stale. This move opens the door to even more innovation. It is both a step forward and a step up.

By making this move to invite sponsorship, we will both be able to do more, with less effort. Our messages can reach more people and change more peoples’ lives. We cannot do this without you and need your help to spread the word. Just for today, remember what goes around comes around.

We would be so grateful for your patronage today …

p.s. you don’t have to wait until the end of June to start helping us today !