This month, I reminded myself that sometimes my usual ‘laissez-faire’, going-with-the-flow methodology and philosophy might not always be the optimal strategy.

I was blessed with some amazing conversations and connections this month and took the opportunity to be really open and frank about possibilities and potenrialities.

As a result, this is what unfolded:

  • A more strident and confident approach to my forthcoming novel
  • A new delivery style for meditations
  • A new direction and emphasis for Just for Today
    Nuggets of Mindfulness
  • A new opportunity for live meditations as introductory and closing keynotes for conferences
  • A new potential direction for my currently dormant Zone Show podcast
  • Discovery of the Song of Hiawatha and how relevant it is today – listen below

This blog is intentionally short as I want to report back on when these initiatives are active, so this is just a report-of-progress. Have a listen to the latter new direction below – more on all of this very soon …

The Smoking of the Peace Pipe

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : Narrated by Tom Evans