Creating Meditative VisualisationsCreating Meditative Visualisations

This course is designed to show coaches, healers and therapists how to create hypnotic, meditative visualisations – just like the ones you will hear in my courses.!

Note that this one of my first ever courses – you can tell by the colour of my hair!!

Ironically, the audio on the videos on course is not great but I hope the course materials are clear and explanatory.!

Getting Audacity

The course is based on the use of a free-to-download audio editor called Audacity. It is available for PC and Mac. Here’s how to get hold of it.!

Download Audacity!

As you are working through these modules, have Audacity open so you can locate the menu options and buttons that I use.!

How to install the LAME MP3 encoder !

Module 1 : The Basics

This module takes you through the basics of recording audio clips.

Module 2 : Cleaning Up Recordings

Most people will be recording their clips in their office, clinic or workshops as opposed to being in a professional recording studio. Audacity has fabulous facilities for cleaning up noisy audio tracks.

Module 3 : Managing Your Projects

When you start to build longer meditations, it can be quiet a task to record them in one long take. Audacity allows us to break our recordings down into manageable segments.

Module 4 : Spicing Up Podcasts

If you want to broadcast your recordings (or interviews) online, you can use simple techniques to make them sound much more professional.

And you can listen to the podcast interview with Amy Palko here …

Module 5 : Creating Layered Visualisations

Before watching this next module, listen to this visualisation first. I will then explain how I created it – both technically and aesthetically.

Here’s how I created it.

Module 6 : Exporting and Embedding

When your project is ready, it’s time to share it with the world, here’s how to get it out there. Note that this module is some years old. These days, there are so many other ways to do this.

And you can listen to the interview with Amy Palko on my podcast here

File Downloads

These two files will give you lots of audio samples to use in your creations.

Note that the guitar recordings are my copyright. However, I grant purchasers of this course unlimited royalty free rights to uses them in their own recordings as often as they like. No payment or royalty is needed – but a mention is always good karma.

Classical Guitar Samples

These are Thought Sound samples only to be used for training purposes. You can purchase their music below for a one-time payment and use it unlimited numbers of times. Thought Sounds use brain entrainment so your hypnotic suggestions work even better.

Ambient Samples

Bonus Track

This was the recording that got me into all of this in the first place – and indeed into writing and channelling books.

100 Years Of Ermintrude