Living on PurposeImagine a life where serendipity turned up at your door.

Imagine a life where you discovered opportunity around each corner.

Imagine a world that was kind, benevolent and purposeful.

This course will show you how to walk on a planet that looks like this.

It will show you too how you can do this in harmony with others that are less fortunate and how it is important that you first make this transition so they can too. In the first step, you will gain the realisation that adversity is a stepping stone to enlightenment.

You will realise that there are only two types of events that occur in our lives : those that tell us we are on path and those that tell us we have fallen off it. This self study course will take you from being ‘at effect’, where the world seems out to get you, to being ‘at cause’, where the world is at your feet. It is the precursor to more advanced work …

Step Zero : A Journey to the Akashic

It is said that before we are born, and after we die, we spend sometimes in the Akashic Records Office to plan our next incarnation. Whether this is true or not is academic. By imagining it is true, we can elicit much insight about our life purpose.

Take a guided trip there before embarking on the rest of this course.

Dealing with Adversity : Becoming an Energy Ninja

When we seem to be pushing water uphill, we end up being continually run down and lethargic. This situation creates a downward spiral from which it is hard to escape. The solution lies in identifying the energy leaks in our life and coming to respect them for the learning they bring our way.

Step One : Identifying Energy Leaks

In order to plug the leaks, the first step is to recognise them for what they are. Download this file and list the energy leaks in your life. Then score each of them by how they affect you and make a note of how frequently they turn up.

Step One Identifying Energy Leaks

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

eloo transformationStep Two : Healing the Leaks

The next step is to develop a strategy for healing the energy leak – at source.

So identify from your list the one leak that gives you the most grief and strife. Choose the one that will help you cope with the others once you learn how to deal with it.

Note if however contemplating and dealing with the most difficult energy leak causes you too much stress, pick a simple one and work from there. It is important not to put yourself under any undue pressure when taking these steps.

Stare at the image on the right for 30 seconds before listening to this visualisation. For best results, this visualisation should be done sitting up with your spine straight.

Step Three : Transmuting the Energy

Now you have strategy to deal with energy leaks, this next step will help ensure that they no longer have any effect or control over you. In most cases, this step will actually make the triggering event disappear forever. At the very least, it will ensure you won’t react to the trigger in the same way.

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Repeat these two visualisations with your other energy leaks as necessary but be aware that you will only really become a Energy Ninja when you can do this by yourself.

You may want to wait now 24-48 hours to ensure these three steps work before proceeding to the next exercise.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

Watch this short video then download and complete the mind map below.

Note that if mind maps aren’t your thing as they don’t work for everyone, just complete the exercise in bullet points in a list.

DOWNLOAD Mind Map Template

Discovering Your Soul Name

The next step is to discover your essence so that you can work to it all the time. This video explains how.

Goals of Purpose

When you set goals purposely, based on what you want to learn, something amazing happens. These goals deliver faster, bigger and brighter dreams but in a manner that you did not envisage.

This short video takes you through how to set goals that will keep you on track.

Use the Mind Map below to capture your learning-based goals.

Either complete this exercise on a blank sheet of paper or here’s a mind map template to print out and complete:

DOWNLOAD Timeful Goal Setting

Setting a Meta-strategy

Next take things up a gear by discovering your higher purpose still.

Noticing Signs and Serendipities

The key to living our lives on purpose lies in spotting the signs. This short video explains why and how.