Meditation 1 : Just for Today

This visualisation is a great way to ‘start’ each and every day. Just for today, as you start on this new exploration into the world of mindfulness, make a note of a few things you want to stop doing.

Meditation 2 : Just a Few Moments

This visualisation is an invitation to take a few moments out each day. It’s a good reset for the middle of the day.

Meditation 3 : Just a Thought

We don’t tend to give a second thought to our thoughts. This is a shame as what we think fundamentally changes the world around us. Control your thoughts and you step into a magical existence.

Meditation 4 : Just Illuminate

This visualisation helps you tap into light bulb moments on demand. Your next great idea is just one meditation away.

Meditation 5 : Just Imagine

Just imagine a world where you live in bliss. Just imagine a world where opportunity falls at your feet. Just imagine a world where struggle is a thing of the past. Just imagine …

Meditation 6 : Just for Tomorrow

This visualisation is a great way to set up the most perfect tomorrows by reflecting on the day just gone and sowing seeds for the next day.

Meditation 7 : Just Be

The real key to living a charmed life lies in not doing but just being.