Meditation 8 : The Right Way

The Buddhist philosophy of the Eightfold Noble Path gives a framework for us to live by. Follow it and you will find your path and an easier way to be.

Meditation 9 : Being Mindful

When we become mindful about how mindful we are, we transcend to a new place. Mindfulness becomes embedded and integral to all thoughts, feelings and actions. It spreads radially around us too.

Meditation 10 : Being Timeful

When we become mindful, something magical happens. Events around us seem to occur just at the right time. As a result, we end up with more time on our hands and we enter a new state called timefulness.

Meditation 11 : Being Kindful

With more time on our hands, by being timeful, we start to have more time to be kind. It’s smart to use this kindfulness on ourselves first. This then gives us more time to be kind to others. As a result, it all comes full circle and the world is kind back to us. What goes around comes around, to those in the know.

Meditation 12 : Mindfulness of the Body

Our body is the vehicle for our mind and soul. If we are kind to it, it becomes better able to carry us around without pain and discomfort. Eventually we end up living weller for longer.

Meditation 13 : Mindful Eating

By being mindful of the fuel that we give to our body, we also live weller for longer. This visualisation can be done with actual food or by imagining we are eating. As such, it’s worth experiencing both ways.

Meditation 14 : Walking Mindfully

Mindfulness and meditation is not just an exercise and practice we do sitting or lying down with our eyes shut. We can and should be mindful as we walk around the planet. This is another meditation though that is worth doing while out walking – but, somewhat ironically, works well we sit or lie down and close our eyes. That’s just part of the magic of the mind.