Meditation 15 : The Earth Mind

All matter, and space for that matter, is conscious. Ironically it is our self-awareness tends to make us unaware of this. By tuning into the Earth Mind, we bond with the consciousness that supports and nurtures us. We truly come Home.

Meditation 16 : Super Senses

We are blessed with six sixth senses – try saying that out loud! When we tune into them and augment them, we become better able to read the world around us and navigate through it.

Meditation 17 : Perceiving the Aura

We are not all we see. Neither are all living things. We possess a life field which is both generated by the body and also from which the body is densified. It is known as the aura and we can all see and perceive it.

Meditation 18 : Precognition

When we trust our gut, two things happen. First, we end up always, always making the right decision. Secondly, we tune into events before they happen in so-called ‘real time’.

Meditation 19 : Prescience

All thoughts from the past, present and future – from all living beings on all planets – exist in what is called the Super Consciousness. As we all have thoughts, we are both plugged into in by way of our own thoughts and also we can tune into the field, quite literally, at any ‘time’ we choose.

Meditation 20 : Channelling

Channelling is not about conversing with the Dear Departed. It is about getting our internal chatter out of the way so we can tune into the Super Consciousness.

Meditation 21 : Entering Service

The previous 20 days of meditations are all designed to bring you to this point. It is not a point of power and dominion over others but a place from which we can serve and fulfil our life’s purpose. We hold a staff to keep us steady and light to illuminate the darkness and shadows for both ourselves and those we interact with.