SoulwavesGuided Meditations inspired by Soulwaves

Soulwaves is a channelled novel of a possible future history of earth, and humanity. Soulwaves are hypothetical but if we imagine they are real, something rather miraculous happens. We start to live a charmed and magical life.

These guided meditations help you tune into your soul’s guidance. I am releasing one a ‘moonth’ over 2020 on each NewMoon – both here and on the Insight Timer app.

Get your copy of Soulwaves today if you want to know more about this magical, universal force !!

Meditation 1 : Being Soul-full

This practice is the first in a series that will be published on and around each New Moon throughout 2020. It’s designed to form and strengthen a deep connection with your soul and the souls of others. As such, it is the start of a real soulwave to encompass the planet. Pass it on..

Meditation 2 : Your Soul Path

This is the second in a series of guided tracks inspired by the book Soulwaves. In this meditation, you can explore and strengthen the connection to your soul and discover a little more of why you came to be and what you came down to the Earth Plane and The Density to do.

Meditation 3 : Soul Entanglement

This is third in this series of guided meditations inspired by the book Soulwaves. Here, I share a simple key to help you bond with your soul and your soul with you. It just involves two actions: asking and thanking.

Meditation 4 : Soul Talk

This is fourth in a series of guided meditations inspired by the book Soulwaves. This reflective track describes how to tune into the dialogue from your soul. Our soul is a constant guide and maintaining a quiet mind from regular meditation is the key to tuning in.