SoulwavesAmbient Tracks inspired by Soulwaves

Soulwaves is a channelled novel of a possible future history of earth, and humanity. In the same tradition as Jeff Lynne and War of the Worlds, and Camel and Snowgoose, I thought it would be fun to create a set of ambient tracks inspired by the book.

I am releasing one a ‘moonth’ over 2020 on each Full Moon – both here and on the Insight Timer app.

I am also blessed that the fabulous artist, Siri Opli, will create a new artwork live while listening to each track. All these art works are available to purchase too.

Get your copy today if you want to know what’s coming !!

Track 0 : The Void

The Void is the a track from the Soulwaves album, inspired by the book of the same name. It tells us of The Void, a place where the Council of the Light hang out, pulling the strings of incarnate souls in the Density (i.e. us).

They do this by manipulating soulwaves, the conscious fabric on which the three dimensional Universe sits.


What people are saying …

“The sound seemed to back and forth between my ears and that always produces some very strong energy movement. It almost feels like my brain is moving around in response to the sound and the energy it’s producing.”

“Ethereal…I felt as if I was floating in space. “

“Mystical & very beautiful. I was transported somewhere, not quite sure where but space comes to mind.”

Track 1 : Insertion

Insertion encapsulates the period in our lives from when we decide to incarnate until we form into a fetus in our mother’s womb. This is the transition from the Void to Density. As such it is inspired by Chapters 1 to 5 of the book.

It is an excellent track to listen to while lying down or trying to fall asleep.


What people are saying …

“This was the perfect soundtrack to help me tune my mind back into place.”

“I was wanting to hear just music today and this was perfect!”

Track 2 : Deep Thought

This track is inspired by the book Soulwaves and takes you on a journey of awakening. This journey mirrors the awakening of self-awareness in a child and also our awakening from sleep each morning. It ends as it starts by taking you back to the pre-aware state again.

It is an excellent track to listen to while in the hypnopompic point before fully awakening from sleep or a power nap.


Track 3 : The Soul Wave

Einstein did a thought experiment on what it might be like to ride on a beam of light.

Imagine then if your soul is riding down a wave which is the timeline of your life – or lifes. You would bump into other people’s soul waves, leave a wake behind you and create a bow wave in front of you. Muse on these notions while you luxuriate in this sonic experience.


Track 4 : Siren’s Call

This track symbolises Frejya in Scandinavia calling Shen from China to her – and also how Shen is being called by the dolphins 55,000 light years away from the planet Aquanine. It features the voice of Siri Opli, the artist and illustrator from Norway.


Track 5 : Oceans Rise

The date is 2079 and a cosmic near-miss triggers the melting of the ice caps over the next 40 years. Sea levels are about to rise. This is a co-creation between novelist, meditation guide & ambient composer, Töm Evans and his guitar teacher, Piers Ward and flute teacher, Belén. Created in the ‘lock down’, Piers and Belén have yet to meet in person.

For more of Belén Prado’s music and tuition, go to
To find out more about Piers Ward and his guitar and compositional tuition, visit


Track 6 : Lagrange

This must be listened to with headphones to experience pseudo-surround sound, left/right and front/back. The Lagrange points are gravity wells in the orbits of planets. The L4 and L5 Lagrange points in the Earth’s orbit are useful places to park comms satellites if you want year round communication with Mars – and to build a very large interferometer.


Track 7 : Permutation

Permutations includes a rotating mantra voiced by Norwegian artist, Siri Stiklestad Opli. From a single meme, many combinations can be found.