Creating Meditative Visualisations

Creating Meditative VisualisationsMany people have asked me how I create my meditations.

Well it’s something I taught myself over a number of years. As a result, and over half a million listeners for my meditations, I’ve now developed a methodology that works every time to get people into an altered and heightened state of mind.

Follow these easy to follow steps in this course and you too will be able to create stunningly sounding audio tracks to take your listeners on meditative journeys and into altered states of consciousness.

If you are a coach, healer or therapist, this course will allow you to reach a wider audience and generate passive income while you sleep from your recordings.

This course consists of over an hour of instructional video with sample visualizations so you can experience the trance state you will be able to induce in your listeners.

The videos cover both technical aspects of how to use Audacity, which is a fabulous and free audio editor, and how to layer the sounds and use your voice to create the change of state in the listener.

What is your investment?

Access to this course is just £24.
Take a big step towards generating products you can share and sell online. There is no better feeling than creating revenue while you sleep.

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What students are saying …

“I made this visualisation from start to finish in 90 minutes after taking this course” – Jenny Moxham, Cognitive Hypnotherapist –

Creating Visualisations TestimonialCreating Visualisations TestimonialCreating Visualisations Testimonial