The Soulwaves Anthology : Book Three

Be the first to listen exclusively to the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology. The Duadex takes up from where Soulwaves : Insertion finishes. In Epoch Seven of the Universe, all sentience civilisations are connected in a period of Great Awakening.

Soulwaves The Duadex

Soulwaves : Insertions are twelve short stories to open up your mind and your worldview.

They are both prequels and sequels to Soulwaves : A Future History and wild rides of the imagination.

These tales stretch from the dawn to the end of time, stopping off at some interesting places and times along the way.

Soulwaves : Insertions
a novel : a meme : a movement

Soulwaves : A Future History is channelled book which foretells a possible future history of the world … as well as a little of its pre-history and humanity’s role in the wider scheme of things.

Available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook

The Soulfull Path

The Soul-full Path is a series of guided meditations which gently guides you to a place where you invite your soul to take the lead.

When we step on to the Soul-full Path, we live a life of bliss and ease, where struggle becomes a thing of the past. Discover why you came to be.

Soulwaves Ambient Album

Lose yourself in the Soulwaves Ambient soundscape. Many people put it on in the background while reading the book.

It starts in The Void and returns to the Void. In the middle, Shen’s Insertion into the Density is played out with luscious pads, drones and the odd guitar, flute, voice and dolphin.

Latest Happenstances

My blog used to be a repository for articles and thought pieces - you can still access them in the archive. From 2020 onwards, it's morphed into what a blog used to be - a journal of my goings on and happenings - a 20:20 reflection and future vision if you like.

Creating Meditales

Creating Meditales

The Soulwaves Triptych While it was well over 15 years, and 15 other books, beforeĀ  Soulwaves : A Future History finally got published, the first of many dominoes seems to have toppled and started, well, somewhat of a 'wave. The second book in the series, Soulwaves :...

Igniting the Spark

Igniting the Spark

My guest on this podcast is Stephanie James - a psychotherapist, transformational life coach, presenter, radio show and podcast host, author and film maker, so somewhat of a polymath. In this podcast, we chat about the nature, source and infectiousness (in a nice way)...

The Moon Wave

The Moon Wave

Riding a Moon Wave While I have operated with the Moon phase in mind for many years, this year I am using it as the clock to which I time the creation and release of my new output. Apart from giving me a target to stick too, it seems to have brought a new level of...