Tom EvansStarting from 2pm UK time on the 2nd day of the 2nd month of 2021, we are hosting a series of a live meditation sessions, biweekly, from The Yurt.

The sessions are between 45 minutes to an hour long and will be running every two weeks after that, until at least the end of lockdown in the UK.

Tom Evans, author of many books, ambient composer and meditation guide, will be taking you on journeys for your mind, body and soul to help you find yourself.

In the first session, Tom will be sharing four simple ways to help you find peace and calmness, when all around you is going a little crazy.

The sessions are completely free to join and there is no need to attend all of them. All donations to keep the Yurt in good shape, through the winter months and beyond, would be gratefully received.

Where Tom leads you in subsequent sessions will be based on requests and suggestions from attendees of each session.

Are you ready to find yourself, your true purpose and to step into a life of ease and bliss?

Catch Up with the 1st Session

In this introductory session, Tom introduces the four most common ways to enter the meditative state.

Find out how to meditate on the breath, an object, a mantra and on thought itself.

About The Yurt

Inside The Yurt

Haddon Acre is home to a magical Mongolian Yurt, surrounded by unspoiled farmland. It hosts gatherings, meetings and retreats, including meditations, mindfulness, yoga and space for finding yourself.

This peaceful spot is on the South side of the Wittenham Clumps with panoramic views of the Chilterns. It is close to one of the earliest human settlements and is almost on the intersection of the Mary and Michael ley lines which run through the land.

Note that the live sessions are free but you can subscribe to the recordings to help us keep the Yurt going through lockdown.

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About Tom

Tom is an ex-broadcast engineer who discovered meditation in his mid-40s. He then switched his attention from the magic of TV to the magic of the mind. His approach to meditation and mindfulness is to make it fun, accessible and practical.

He has published 17 books and his meditations have been listened to well over 3 million times. His books explore creativity, philosophy and futurology, As well as being calming, his meditations will help you be more productive and efficient and to be luckier in life and in love.

Listen to a sample of one of Tom’s first meditations here …

Tom Evans the David Attenborough of Meditation