Find Peace at The Yurt

Finding Peace @TheYurt

Live Meditations to Calm the Mind & the Planet

Join Us to Help the World Become a More Peace-full Place

Your Guide

Insight Timer meditation guide, Tom Evans, will be leading you through simple and repeatable procedures to reduce anxiety and stress during these strange times.

Discover how inner peace leads to outer peace.


We are running three live 1 hour long sessions at 2pm UK time on these dates:

“Like planting a tree, the best time to start meditating is yesterday and the second best time is today”

Tom’s meditations on Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the most popular, genuinely free meditation app available. You can access it from an app for any iOS or Android device and now also on the web.

So, as well as meditations to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep, you will find visualisations to help you change the speed of time and have ideas off the top of your head. You will also discover a growing archive of relaxing ambient music which also can be used in the background while you are working on creative tasks. Quite a few of my audiobooks and meditative short stories too are also available for free via the app.

For advanced meditators, you will find tracks to connect you to higher levels of consciousness and to discover pathways to new ways to be and do.

Just some of the benefits from regular meditation

Reduce stress

Feel calmer

Make better decisions

Increase your creativity

Enhance productivity

Tuning into precognition

Become more ‘attractive’

Become luckier

Enjoy 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’ right now

Tom Evans the David Attenborough of Meditation