Would you like less stress in your world?

… and to discover how to live a charmed and blissful life?

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Benefits for beginners

If you are new to meditation, you will quickly discover that treating yourself to just 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’ everyday will help make your days go smoother. Many of my meditations are exactly 10 minutes long for this reason.

Benefits for regular meditators

After just a few weeks of regular meditation, you will improve your creativity and increase your productivity. You begin to get the time you invest in meditation back, many times over.
“Like planting a tree, the best time to start meditating is yesterday and the second best time is today”

Tap into my portfolio of meditations, music, meditales and mindful conversations on Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the most popular, genuinely free meditation app available. You can access it from an app for any iOS or Android device and now also on the web.

I started uploading content in 2015 and people seem to like my British accent, the accessibility and relevance of my meditations and my sense of humour. I don’t think meditation should be reverential or pseudo-spiritual. As an ex-BBC TV engineer, my meditations all lead to practical real world outcomes.

So, as well as meditations to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep, you will find visualisations to help you change the speed of time and have ideas off the top of your head. You will also discover a growing archive of relaxing ambient music which also can be used in the background while you are working on creative tasks. Quite a few of my audiobooks and meditative short stories too are also available for free via the app.

For advanced meditators, you will find tracks to connect you to higher levels of consciousness and to discover pathways to new ways to be and do.

Just some of the benefits from regular meditation

Reduce stress

Feel calmer

Make better decisions

Increase your creativity

Enhance productivity

Tuning into precognition

Become more ‘attractive’

Become luckier

Enjoy 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’ right now

Tom Evans the David Attenborough of Meditation

My Insight Timer Playlists

Soulwaves Ambient

This playlist is a collation of a number of my meditations that riff off the ‘Just for Today’ meme. The idea is simple. Just do or think one new thing each day and your life will change, for the better, out of all recognition.

Tom Evans Audiobooks

As I shift to writing fiction, I am serialising my entire audiobook archive on Insight Timer for free. By letting go of the attachment to one thing, the most amazing new things tend to pop along.
This we know!

The Zone Show on Insight Timer

This playlist is a collation of podcasts exploring the themes of mindfulness and metaphysics. They are conversations with visionaries, change makers and fellow Insight Timer meditation guides.

Soulwaves Ambient

Surround yourself in a sonic sound bath, which is over six hours long, with the ambient music inspired by my novel, Soulwaves : A  Future History. Many people listen to this while reading the book.

What People Are Saying

“If everybody on earth would follow his directions, this world would be a better, more beautiful and more peaceful place.”

“Your meditations are succinct and have a clarity to them which surpasses the ‘woo woo’ effect for which some avoid meditation.”

“I found true peace and tranquillity from my inner mind chatter for the first time. He makes mindfulness meditation both accessible and understandable.”

“I love the way Tom is demystifying meditation. I love Tom’s voice, pacing and also I detect a sense of humour and playfulness.”

My Premium Courses

Mindfulness for Busy People

In just 30 days, discover how to embrace mindfulness to find a calmer and happier world. Take control of your life by treating yourself to some Me Time each day.

“Fantastic course! Tom has a way of altering the way we look at life. This course has also changed the way I meditate.”

“Exceptional course! A very extensive overview of mindfulness and all the various ways you can apply it in your life.”

The Art of Timefulness

In 10 days, change your relationship with time forever, with just 10 meditations all 13 minutes 33 seconds long. Take control of your Personal Time Machine, your mind.

“Now I feel in control of the ticking of the clock. I am thinking so differently about time.”

“I have already experienced some moments when I have been able to make time expand.”

The Business of Mindfulness

In 10 days, discover how to run a smarter, leaner business with less effort and more ease. Find out the secrets to waking mindfulness and how your business can benefit from being more mindful, timeful and kindful.

“A terrific set of meditations and I think I will now listen to them in reverse order.”

“I’m feeling a definite shift in my BEing and, it appears to me, in how people are responding to me.”

NEW : My Workshop on Attention Management

The normal human mind can only experience one thought at a time. So if our focus wanders from the task at hand, our efficiency drops. We can use mindfulness meditation techniques to both quieten and focus the mind. When we do this, we get more done, of higher quality, in less time. Join me for this three-week workshop series and discover how investing just 10 minutes a day in meditation delivers the time spent back many times over.

For a small annual subscription, many of my ambient tracks are available to use under royalty-free license by meditation guides for their own meditations – new tracks added monthly.