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Bewitch and BeguileJust for Today : Daily Nuggets of Mindfulness

We have been creating illustrated messages like this to make peoples’ days for a year now! Up to now, they have been sent out for free but, like all artists, we have bills to pay.

From now on, we will be delivering these popular daily nuggets of mindfulness exclusively through the Patreon contribution currency platform.

You can help us create our art at three levels of monthly contribution – all support and patronage gratefully received.

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EntanglementPatreon Just for Today News

We are really exciting to launch the first serialisation we’ve ever done of a novel – each chapter illustrated by Siri.

Each week I will be releasing two chapters of my first full novel, Soulwave, to a new $1 tier of patronage we have just launched. Existing patrons will get automatic access.

Find out more about the Soulwave novel project here …