Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials

Welcome to this exploration in time …

This course should be taken slowly so take your time.

Keep a journal and make notes as you go along and, if possible, get into the habit of meditating every day. There are loads of meditations that accompany my books you can use, as well as the ones in this course.

Enjoy discovering how timefulness is the new mindfulness.


MBTM Week 1 : Where Does the Time Go?
MBTM Week 2 : Dealing with Time Bandits
MBTM Week 3 : The Breath Clock
MBTM Week 4 : Whole Brain Thinking
MBTM Week 5 : Whole Mind Time
MBTM Week 6 : Natural Time
MBTM Week 7 : Future Entanglement
MBTM Week 8 : Just in Time