Tom EvansMeditations for Opening Up

In these strange days, it can be difficult to pull yourself away from the news, social media and messaging apps.

These free meditations are designed to help you cope by giving your mind and your body a rest and a chance to stop the world so you can get off.

Listen to at least one a day and you will discover a new way to be, along with some pleasant side effects, such as:

  • More resilience
  • Less stress
  • More empathy
  • Less worry
  • Enhanced well being
  • Fewer sleepless nights
  • More luck

Enjoy your lock down while opening up !

Meditation 1 : Easing into Mindfulness

In this simple introductory session, which is mindfully, timefully and kindfully just ten minutes long, discover the essence of a mindful way of being and living.

Meditation 2 : Just for Today

This ten minute meditation is an ideal way to start each day off smoothly so that the most magical day unfolds for you.

Meditation 3 : A Middle of the Day Reset

Sometimes our body, and mind, needs a rest, reset and recharge during the day. This delightful journey will ease you into the most restful power nap with insightful daydreams. It can also be used to get you to sleep at night, or back to sleep in the early hours.

Meditation 4 : Wrapping Up Your Day

This ten minute gem for the evening is a great way to bring the day to a close, to set up the most amazing dreams and the most perfect tomorrow.

Meditation 5 : Tuning into the Breath

Apart from keeping us alive, the breath has another role in meditation. By meditating on the breath itself, we can enter a deep and restorative state of relaxation. At the same time, we bring in healing and regenerative energy into our bodies.

Meditation 6 : The Well of Emotions

Sometimes we hold on to emotions that no longer serve us. This guided visualisation takes you on a journey through a forest into a ‘clearing’ and to a place you can dump old, unwanted baggage.

Meditation 7 : Going with the Flow

This guided visualisation will help your day go easily and calmly. Rather than pushing water uphill with a fork, enjoy floating downstream.

Meditation 8 : Count Your Riches

In these times of transition, we can easily focus on lack and loss – of life, health, freedom and the value of the stock market. For each tale of woe, there is at least one story of unconditional giving. We become what we focus on.

Meditation 9 : Figures of Speech

It’s a myth that meditation has to be dull and serious. We can have fun with it and use it to give our minds a treat. This is nothing but a play with words.

Meditation 10 : Finding Perfection

After meditating daily for just a week or so, we reach a new way of being and discover a more peaceful state or mind. Reaching this delightful place is where the real journey begins.

Bonus Meditation : Immersion

The meditations above can also be thought of as being guided visualisations. We can also meditate in silence or while out walking in nature. Sometimes though, we want to be wrapped in a sonic blanket. This bonus track is a little over an hour’s worth of pure indulgence. Put it on in the background, or lie down with headphones on, and let your world stop while all the busy-ness goes on around you.