Meditation was a gift given to me in my mid-40s.

It’s also a gift that keeps on giving many years later.

For this reason, most of my meditations are completely free to listen to – what goes around comes around.

What are you waiting for? Watch, or listen to, my latest meditation here.

Insight Timer Meditation Library

Many of my meditations are available to listen to for free on the amazing Insight Timer app. Last year I reached well over 2 million listens.

I am honoured to be part of this initiative to getting the whole world meditating for free – one person at a time.

Each month, you will find a mixture of brand new meditations, podcasts, short stories and – new for this year – a series of ambient music tracks inspired by my new book Soulwaves.



Get the app free here …

*** NEW *** : Insight Timer Playlists

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What people are saying …

“The man with the magical voice, with words and sounds to match.”

“Not even sure I can put my finger on it – his voice and way just calm me down and I always feel space while listening.”

“If everybody on earth would follow his directions, this world would be a better, more beautiful and more peaceful place. These are the best meditation words I’ve ever heard.”

“Your meditations are succinct and have a clarity to them which, I find, surpasses the “woo woo” effect for which some avoid meditation.”

“When I started to listen to the meditations from Tom Evans, I found true peace and tranquillity from my inner mind chatter for the first time. He makes mindfulness meditation accessible and understandable.”

“Thank you for more splendid guided meditations. What you say seems so simple and obvious yet is something that so few of us ever realise – and THAT’S the beauty of your work. You’re gifted and dedicated and I wish you all the peace that you help bring us in our frenetic lives.”

“This is really helpful. I love Tom’s voice, pacing and also I detect a sense of humour and playfulness.”

“Tom has a natural, conversational way of speaking that I find calming. His insight about the mind allowing only one thought at a time is helpful to me; I now realise that I can calm my mind by choosing my thoughts.”

“I love the way Tom is demystifying meditation. He’s got a lovely voice and I found the background music calm and comfortable.”