How to Quieten Your Mind

How To Quieten Your Mind
Note, this ‘Pack of Meditations’ is a downloadable product, the box and pills is just a pun, working on several levels – the meditations also have absolutely nothing but positive side effects and are nicely addictive

From when we awaken until when we fall asleep, our minds almost automatically enter into an inner dialogue.

The feat of being self-aware and the ability to ‘self-talk’ is nothing short of miraculous, by the way.

Sometimes though, our inner dialogue can be our own worst enemy and cause to harbour thoughts of anger, regret, guilt and lack of self worth. Such thoughts are illusory and do not exist outside our heads.

These visualisations are designed to get our inner chatter, or Monkey Mind, to quieten down. Note only is this a relaxing thing to do but it is great for improving our vitality, creativity and productivity. With a little practice, we can enter the meditative state with our eyes open and when this happens, all sorts of magic will come into your life.

They can also help reduce anxiety attacks and the symptoms of depression, ADD and ADHD – for both the person with the condition and the carer too!

Before I learned to meditate about 10 years or so ago, I thought it was a waste of time and that there was no way I could make my mind go blank. These days, if I don’t get some quite, ‘me-time’ each day, I have a worse day.

The benefits of meditation are immense and are becoming understood and recognised by both scientists and doctors. It’s thought that every minute we spend in meditation is clawed back easily in the following ways:

  • Increased luck & serendipity
  • Improved vitality
  • Increased creativity & productivity
  • Less time being ill
  • Less time being stressed
  • Increased perception & intelligence
  • Generation of more time

The How to Quieten Your Mind Pack of ‘Meds’

Visualisation #001 : Meditation on the breath – 18 minutes

The first meditative technique to learn uses the breath. In this visualisation, you can lie down and even fall asleep – it is that easy. This technique is great for helping you get back to sleep in those interminal early hours.

Visualisation #002 : Meditation on thought – 11 minutes

The second technique builds on the first and shows how to make the mind go quiet by focusing on thought and moving consciousness to a special part of our brain.

Visualisation #003 : Eyes open meditation – 8 minutes

This visualisation shows you how to enter the meditative state with your eyes open.

Visualisation #004  : Getting in the zone – 11 minutes

This visualisation helps energise both our left and right brains so we can enter a state known as whole brain thinking.

Visualisation #005 : Brain entrainment – 30 minutes

This ‘unguided’ visualisation can be played in the background while working on a creative task or used to get into a deep meditative state under your own devices.


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