practical applications for mindfulness meditation

Meditations for Creatives

Meditations for CreativesThis set of seven meditations will help you forge a strong and permanent connection with your Creative Muse.

You will discover the role of the breath in the creative process and how not all thoughts are what you might think of as your own.

“Love these meditations. Always help to kick start the creative process.”
“These help so much when I have limited time or just need to reconnect quickly.”
“I have a wonderful energy now, ready to get started.”
“Really helps one focus, I have noticed the difference since doing this practice each day.”
“Brilliant! It helped me break a negative rut that rendered me dull and dopey. I feel alive again.”
“Simple, easily followed and I feel excited to start my day with a practical way to manage my thoughts.”

The meditations include:

  • Meditation 1 : The Inspirational Breath – 8 minutes
  • Meditation 2 : The Speed of Thought – 10 minutes
  • Meditation 3 : Getting in the Zone – 11 minutes
  • Meditation 4 : Connecting with Your Muse – 17 minutes
  • Meditation 5 : Becoming Fear-less – 10 minutes
  • Meditation 6 : Moments of Light – 14 minutes
  • Meditation 7 : Messages in Time – 13.33 minutes

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