Meditations for Relaxation

Meditations for RelaxationThis relaxing set of 10 meditative visualisations is recorded to accompany my new book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness.

Treat yourself to the indulgence of 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’ every day for 10 days and you will awaken to a new world full of peace, solace and calmness. At the same time, you will learn the most common methods of meditating and how to make you mind go quiet.

“The man with the magical voice, with words and sounds to match.”
“Not even sure I can put my finger on it – his voice and way just calm me down and I always feel space while listening.”
“If everybody on earth would follow his directions, this world would be a better, more beautiful and more peaceful place. These are the best meditation words I’ve ever heard.”
“When I started to listen to the meditations from Tom Evans, I found true peace and tranquility from my inner mind chatter for the first time. He makes mindfulness meditation accessible and understandable.”

Yoga PoseYour visualisation journey:

  • Day 1 : Just for Today
  • Day 2 : Just Breathe
  • Day 3 : Just a Thought
  • Day 4 : Just Musing
  • Day 5 : Just Illuminate
  • Day 6 : Just in Time
  • Day 7 : Just for Tomorrow
  • Day 8 : Just Imagine
  • Day 9 : Just Love
  • Day 10 : Just Be

“I love this man’s voice and the gentle music. His advice on questioning thoughts is invaluable.”

“This is really helpful. I love Tom’s voice, pacing and also I detect a sense of humour and playfulness.”

“Tom has a natural, conversational way of speaking that I find calming. His insight about the mind allowing only one thought at a time is helpful to me; I now realise that I can calm my mind by choosing my thoughts.”

“I love every one of Tom’s meditations!! Soothing voice and music. And always great visualisations and encouragement.”

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