For a small annual subscription, many of my ambient tracks are available to use under royalty-free license by meditation guides for their own meditations – new tracks added monthly.


This new 10 day course is a quick, simple, yet deep dive, into mindfulness meditation and how it can be used to benefit a business.

It is equally applicable to large corporations as it is for a self-employed, one-person micro-businesses. It is aimed equally at board members, managers and employees and the principles apply across all business sectors.

In the 21st century, there is a need and desire to think, be and do differently and you can embrace mindfulness meditation as a ‘technology for the mind’ to help you in this regard.

Each day starts with a brief introduction and then leads you into a guided visualisation that will help you both personally and in business. When a business operates from a mindful perspective, people want to be employed by it and stay with it. Clients and suppliers both want to trade with it. In time too, you will find you get more done with less effort and more ease.

“You are only ever one meditation away from your next bright idea!”


Tom Evans Meditation Teacher
Tom Evans the David Attenborough of Meditation

What people are saying …

“If everybody on earth would follow his directions, this world would be a better, more beautiful and more peaceful place.”

“Your meditations are succinct and have a clarity to them which surpasses the ‘woo woo’ effect for which some avoid meditation.”

“I found true peace and tranquillity from my inner mind chatter for the first time. He makes mindfulness meditation both accessible and understandable.”

“I love the way Tom is demystifying meditation. I love Tom’s voice, pacing and also I detect a sense of humour and playfulness”

Meditation was a gift given to me in my mid-40s.

It’s also a gift that keeps on giving many years later.

For this reason, many of my individual meditations and ambient tracks are available completely free to listen to on Insight Timer – what goes around comes around.

What are you waiting for?

Watch, or listen to, some sample meditations here.

Tom Evans the David Attenborough of Meditation


This brand new Soundcast is a place where you can find all my meditations which use the ‘just for today’ mantra.

The archive of meditations lasts for 5 hours and two brand new tracks are added each month. Subscribers will be the first to hear them.

INCLUDED IN THE TOM’S TOMES SUBSCRIPTION BUNDLE (save 50% by subscribing & get first access to my new stuff)

my albums
Soulwaves Ambient Album

The Soulwaves Ambient album is inspired, naturally, by the novel Soulwaves : A Future History. It is a soundscape in which you can lose yourself for over five hours. Indeed, many people put it on in the background whilst reading the book.

It starts in The Void and returns to the Void. In the middle, Shen’s Insertion into the Density is played out with luscious pads, drones and the odd guitar, flute, voice and dolphin.

The Soulfull Path

The Soul-full Path is a series of guided meditations inspired by the novel Soulwaves : A Future History. It’s recommended you listen to one a day over the course of two weeks or so. You will be gently guided to a place where you invite your soul to take the lead.

When we step on to the Soul-full Path, we begin to live a life of bliss and ease where struggle becomes a thing of the past. Discover why you came to be and what is it you came to the Earth Plane to do.

Mindfulness for Busy People

In just 30 days, discover how to embrace mindfulness to find a calmer and happier world. Take control of your life by treating yourself to some Me Time each day.

“Fantastic course! Tom has a way of altering the way we look at life. This course has also changed the way I meditate.”

“Exceptional course! A very extensive overview of mindfulness and all the various ways you can apply it in your life. Highly recommended!”

The Art of Timefulness

In 10 days, change your relationship with time forever, with just 10 meditations all 13 minutes 33 seconds long. Take control of your Personal Time Machine, your mind.

“Now I feel in control of the ticking of the clock. I am thinking so differently about time.”

“I have already experienced some moments when I have been able to make time expand.”

my Insight Timer playlists
Soulwaves Ambient

This playlist is a collation of a number of my meditations that riff off the ‘Just for Today’ meme. The idea is simple. Just do or think one new thing each day and your life will change, for the better, out of all recognition.

Tom Evans Audiobooks

As I shift to writing fiction, I am serialising my entire audiobook archive on Insight Timer for free. By letting go of the attachment to one thing, the most amazing new things tend to pop along.
This we know!

The Zone Show on Insight Timer

This playlist is a collation of podcasts exploring the themes of mindfulness and metaphysics. They are conversations with visionaries, change makers and fellow Insight Timer meditation guides.

The Germinatrix

The Germinatrix is a set of 22 short stories inspired by the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana. They are each only a couple of minutes long but will leave a message that you will carry for some time. These keys open new doors using old wisdom.