practical applications for mindfulness meditation

Let GoThis Month’s Nugget of Mindfulness

Just for this month, let go of the old ways.

What behaviours and patterns no longer serve you?

When they depart, what will fill the space they leave behind?

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These daily nuggets of mindfulness were inspired by my most popular meditation on Insight Timer, called Just for Today – itself inspired by the Reiki precepts.

You can listen to this meditation for free here and watch Siri the Illustrator create a watercolour live. This is just one of 21 watercolours and meditations our mid-level patrons get instant access to for supporting us. We add two new meditations a month, so our patrons are the first to listen to them.

Latest Memes and Musings

Making the Most of Half Time

So the World Cup is upon us. For some, it is how they really want to ‘spend’ their time over the next month or so … watching all the matches, replays and never ended pre- and post-match analyses. If it makes people happy and brings the world closer together, this is a really good thing.…

One Million Listens

This month I reached a milestone which was not in my wildest of wild dreams and not on any To Do List, or set of goals. My meditations and podcasts on mindfulness have been listened to over 1 million times. When we hit milestones like this, it’s a good idea to reflect back on how…

Just for Today Moving to Patreon

I’ve been emailing daily nuggets of mindfulness out since August 2016. Then in May last year, I was approached by an amazingly talented artist from Norway, called Siri Stiklestad Opli, who offered to illustrate them. We have had an amazing year of co-creation working together. The forthcoming GDPR regulations made us really re-evaluate the sense…

How to Spot a Humangel

From time to time an angel reincarnates on the Earth plane. They are normally from the lower ranks. Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is good example of one. They are known as Humangels. They come to re-learn or re-experience. They come to observe. They come to support at time of transition.…