Introduction to Practical Mindfulness – 8 Week Course

In this 8 week interactive course, you will discover how daily meditation will not only make you calmer and less stressed but also how you can use it to live a life of ease, where opportunity abounds and serendipity turns up at your door.

You will discover a new way of doing, feeling and being.

Tom Evans on beach in LanzaroteYour trainer is Tom Evans, author and Insight Timer meditation guide

Tom is an ex-BBC TV engineer, who discovered meditation in his mid-40s. As an engineer, he became fascinated how we can use the meditative state for real world outcomes. Based in Surrey, he is an author of 16 books, and counting, and one of the most popular meditation guides on the free Insight Timer app. He is also the creator of Mindfulness-based Time Management and has produced meditations to help with jet lag, weight management, money generation, healing and finding your soulmate and life’s purpose.
Although Tom has never been inside an ashram, he has studied with two esoteric schools for over ten years and is now recognised as a modern day mystic, seer and healer. Attendees of this course will experience many examples of what looks like magic appearing in their lives. As a master at explaining the un-explainable, Tom will lift the lid on how what is thought to be ‘magic’ actually works. Once we know how a ‘trick’ is done, it ceases to be magic after all.

Course Synopsis:

  • Part 1 : July
  • Week 1 : Relaxing : the four ways to quieten your mind
  • Week 2 : Allowing : how to stop pushing water uphill
  • Week 3 : Timing : how to get more done with less time
  • Week 4 : Creating : five ways to generate light bulb moments on demand
  • Part 2 : September
  • Week 5 : Loving : creating a life that you love with people you love
  • Week 6 : Flowing : getting into the flow state and finding your true purpose
  • Week 7 : Generating : creating your legacy and sharing your talents and wisdom
  • Week 8 : Being : stepping into a new version of you and awakening your super-sensibilities

The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

In this 8 week course, you will open the door to higher states of consciousness and discover how and why what goes on inside our neurology affects what is happening in the world outside.


All attendees will be given:
  • A copy of Tom’s book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness
  • A workbook for the course, with simple and fun weekly taskings
  • Two guided meditations per week


Part 1 : Week 1 to 4 : Tuesday 3rd July, 10th, 17th, 24th July 2018 from 12:30pm – 2:30pm

— Summer Break for Integration —

Part 2 : Week 5 to 8 : Tuesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th September 2018 from 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Your investment?

You can invest in the course in two ways:
1. Pay for Parts 1 & 2 separately at £99.50 each, totaling £199
2. Invest in the whole course in one at £160, saving £39 – that’s equivalent to an investment of £20 for each week of the course

p.s. if you prefer to pay by BACs transfer, get in touch using the form below

p.p.s. if you’d like to bring a friend, they can come along 1/2 price (and the discount be split between you) – get in touch below if you are interested in knowing more


The Holistic Centre, The Barn, Wiggins Yard
Bridge St, Godalming GU7 1HL


The course is suitable for both experienced meditators and newbies alike. There is no upper or lower age limit either. The only requirement is a desire to awaken innate and nascent senses – and to have fun!

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Invest in the whole course at £160, a saving of £39

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Or, if you would like to pay for each four weeks of the course seperately, just pay for Part 1 now and you can pay for the second part in August

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