Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up

Living Timefully

This interactive and immersive workshop will change your relationship with time so you can create just the hours you need in your day.

Just imagine if your productivity and even your profitability can increase by 400% or more.

You will also discover some simple, yet powerful meditative techniques to quieten the mind and reduce stress.

You will discover how we are not as enslaved by time as you think. The flow of time can be controlled simply by changing the speed of our consciousness. We can control it, not the other way around.

On this mind opening workshop you will even learn how to send messages backwards and forwards in time and how to tune into ‘future memories’.

Come along for a day of fun and exploration and you will look back on this day as a real turning point in your life.

Workshop FeedbackWorkshop Agenda

Morning : Changing Your Relationship with Time

  • The Bandits of Time
  • Banishing Procrastination
  • Two Minds of Time
  • Silencing Inner Chatter
  • Getting in the Zone

Afternoon : Controlling Time

  • Extended Me Time
  • Ideas on tap
  • Getting in sync
  • Generating serendipity
  • Operating Just in Time

Your Workshop Host

Tom Evans, aka the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments will be taking you on a journey through time. Tom is a BBC-trained Broadcast Engineer turned author who has most recently been studying ancient esoteric wisdom and the latest scientific research into how our brains work (or not). He has a knack for making the complex both understandable and also practically useful in the ‘real’ world.

He is the author of 13 books and counting and an internationally renowned meditation guide.

All attendees will get access to the Mindfulness-based Time Management self study course included to support their learning after the workshop – which includes the audiobook version of Tom’s book, Managing Time Mindfullt.

Workshop Format

The contents of this workshop can be delivered in 1 hour webinar, half day or full day formats. It is ideal for creative teams or coaches and therapists as part of their continual professional development.

Contact me to discuss your requirement …

What previous attendees have said about the day

‘I can’t quite put into words how incredible this event was today. Magical. If you are interested in the spiritual, scientific and metaphysical realms then check this out! All I can say is “Thank you Tom Evans for an immense day and to everyone who was there for making it so special.” Amazing!’ – Lesley Wallace

‘I really enjoyed the course and it definitely made me re-examine how I ‘treat’ my time and improve my focus on what I’m doing.’ – Lesley Morrissey

‘I thought it was a great course and I am now itching to learn more and evolve even more.’ – Duncan Cooke

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day – it was so nice to be with like minded people and to know that whatever we needed to address was supported. I do hope that we will all come back at some point soon to do some more work as the ‘circle’ we created yesterday was exceptional.’- Lillian Ogbogoh