Channel Your Book Workshop

Now available as a Self Study Course

Alpha & OmegaFind out how to create a permanent and strong connection with your Creative Muse.

Are you looking for creative book writing workshop that goes way beyond the normal ‘how-to’ type of training?

Do you want to write a book but never seem to have the time?

Learn how to write in flow and create a book the reader cannot put down.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to achieve in just one day what you will never get close to in months.

Note that this form of channelling is not about getting in touch with the dear departed or even the spiritual realm (if that’s your bag though, you will love it too).

Workshop Agenda

Morning : Inner Reflection

  • Publishing the 21st century
  • Setting intent – what, why and who are you writing for?
  • Passive versus active channelling
  • Your meta structure
  • Connecting with your Muse

Afternoon : Outer Connection

  • Your Author Platform
  • The Reader Journey
  • Writing in trance
  • How to entrance your reader
  • Channelling your future self

Your Workshop Host

Tom EvansTom Evans, author of eight books and counting, will be unleashing the book(s) inside you and connecting you with your guides and your Muse. Tom is a BBC-trained Broadcast Engineer turned author who has most recently been studying ancient esoteric wisdom and the latest research into how our brains work (or not). He has a knack for making the complex both understandable and also practically useful in the ‘real’ world.

He has also recently written and published a book in just two weeks – an amazing example of how to use the techniques he teaches.

Workshop Format

This workshop can be delivered in half day or full day formats. It is ideal for creative teams or coaches, healers and therapists as part of their continual professional development.

Contact me to discuss your requirement …

What previous attendees have said about the day

“I achieved in one day what I could never get close to in months. I came with a loose idea for my book and left with a first draft outline. This workshop is out of this world.”

“Tom’s total self-belief, honesty and professional integrity create a safe space in which to totally be yourself. His practical help and advice, born of his personal pioneering authorship experience, and his desire to bring everyone into his space has a value that render money and thanks meaningless.”

“Tom is unique. He brings his own brand of passion and energy into helping you to get what you want out of your book.”

“I am now going to write the book(s) that Tom unleashed in me yesterday! I thought there was one, but seems after a good night’s rest, there are 3 that want to come out!”

“Tom has such a huge knowledge not only about the publishing industry and how it really works, but also he helped us to clear blocks so that we could tap into our inspirations. Thank you Tom, you are a master in unleashing the book within.”

“A very enjoyable workshop packed with loads of useful information, hints, tips and advice. Well paced and structured. Tom really knows his stuff and has an uncanny ability to be able to answer your questions just before you ask them!”

“I attended Tom’s workshop expecting a course about the mechanics of writing. What I got was even better which was the mechanics of inspiration! Tom showed us how to think about writing and also how to start doing it!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it, a fantastic day. It’s not often I come away from a workshop and feel as if I have ten times more information than expected. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to write or get their material published. Tom is authentic and walks his talk!”