The Art and Science of Creativity

Light Bulb MomentsMost people think moments of incredible inspiration happen randomly, but that’s not the case!

Have you ever had an idea and wondered where it came from?

Have you ever had an idea an done nothing with it and seen it copied?

In which case, this talk will open your eyes and your mind.

You’ll discover five different ways you can generate light bulb moments on demand and how to stop ideas from getting away again.

It’s an interactive, educational and entertaining guide on how to have great ideas on demand … and how to stop them from getting away.

Through a set of simple, elegant and thought provoking techniques, Tom will help you unleash the untapped creativity inside you.

You might just leave this session with an idea that will change your life and your world!

What you will learn:

  • The physicality of inspiration
  • How to get in the zone
  • The Cascade of Creativity
  • The idea of prescience as ‘future memories’
  • What stops light bulb moments
  • Five ways to generate unlimited light bulb moments
  • How to make sure your ideas actually happen
  • The Power of the Spin Off
  • How to be incredibly lucky and have everything land at your feet

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creatives – writers, artists, musicians
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Seekers of their Creative Muse
  • Anyone who wants to explore where ideas really come from

Your Workshop Host

Tom Evans, aka the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments will be showing you how to tap into unlimited creativity. Tom is a BBC-trained Broadcast Engineer, turned serial entrepreneur, turned author. He has most recently been studying ancient esoteric wisdom and the latest research into how our brains work (or not). He has a knack for making the complex both understandable and also practically useful in the ‘real’ world.

Workshop Format

This workshop can be delivered in half day or full day formats. It is ideal for creative teams or coaches, healers and therapists as part of their continual professional development.

Contact me to discuss your requirement …

Here’s a snapshot captured live from one of my talks on lightbulb moments – click for hi res image

Mindful Map