The End of Endarkenment

The End of Endarkenment

One TribeThe last two years has been somewhat traumatic for humanity. Six million souls, at the very least, have shed their mortal coil in some way due to COVID. The pandemic has exposed the dangerous combination of corruption and incompetence in governments and businesses across the globe.

This all came at a time when humanity thought that Climate Change was their biggest threat. It still is and there is a possible connection to COVID. Perhaps it’s a virus that didn’t come from a lab but introduced my the Earth Consciousness of Lady Gaia to protect Spaceship Earth from the worst excesses of humankind. 

At the same time, these tumultuous years have brought people closer along with some amazing acts of kindness and compassion. We are commuting and travelling across the globe a little less. Some connected with long lost friends and families. Some of us got to know our neighbours a little more. Some of us found some more  time for ourselves – perhaps ushering in a change of lifestyle or career, perhaps learning a new skill.

We are on the cusp of an age of enlightenment which will see us evolving from being planetary abusers to being cosmic caretakers. I say cosmic because our influence can already be felt off-planet. We have a cloud of satellites around our planet – some of it is already junk and debris. We’ve even littered the Moon, Mars, Venus and the moon Titan. While the space probes have brought new knowledge, one day we should go and clear up the mess. We certainly should not colonise Mars until we learn how to properly look after this planet.

We have created an electromagnetic energy sphere from our small planet with a radius of over 100 light years. More significantly, our collective field of consciousness, which travels at infinite speed, can already be sensed by beings blessed with the ability to tune into it – as can we with others.

To help usher in this new age of enlightenment, we each have one simple task and that’s to shine light into any areas in our lives where there is darkness.

Simply put, all we need to do is to end endarkenment.


SpotlightSo how do we go about that? Does it mean it’s time to face our demons and explore our shadow side. Quite rightly, such exercises fill us with dread and should be avoided at all costs.

A better way to end endarkenment starts within us. When we make such changes individually and microcosmically, collectively they effect a macrocosmic shift.

Here’s how to begin, noting just doing one of these a month is a start:

  1. Each and every day, be kind to yourself and make sure you treat yourself, even if it’s just in a small way
  2. Each and every day, perform a random act of kindness to an acquaintance, the planet or ideally a stranger
  3. Each and every day, find something to be grateful for
  4. At least once each and every week, make a connection with a new soul, or a reconnection with an old soul
  5. At least once each and every week, let your creative self come out to play
  6. At least once each and every month, if you have a gift, share an aspect of it freely 
  7. At least once each and every month, if you create something of value, share with the world in exchange for some money or a gift of reciprocal value

By way of example, let me share with you how I go about all of this on a typical day, week and month.

  1. I treat myself to at least 10 minutes of meditative Me Time each and every day
  2. I let people out in traffic or give way on our local single track roads. Say hello and smile at people when out walking dogs. 
  3. Each day, I am grateful to Mother Earth for holding us to her as well as the air we breathe and the water we drink. If I see a sunset or sunrise, I am grateful to the constant cosmic dance of Sun, Moon and Earth.
  4. I am always on the look out for like-minded souls on social media – or when increasingly mixing again face-to-face
  5. On average, I deliver around four nuggets of creative output a week. Then, in non-work related activity, creativity abounds too.
  6. On average, I share a new piece of content free to the world on Insight Timer four times each month PLUS a free one hour talk.
  7. My metaphysical library of content, for Soundwise subscribers, has a new addition of content four times for every orbit of the Moon.
  • do share by way of comment, how you contribute to the end of endarkenment

Links, by way of example, so you can see how I go about doing the the above and how you can initiate your personal end to endarkenment :

  1. Meditate for free Insight Timer
  2. Enjoy Ten Minutes of Kindfulness
  3. Tune into the Earth Mind
  4. Become a Being Connected
  5. Play in the Creative Zone
  6. Access my complete freemium Insight Timer Portfolio
  7. Walk with me along The Path to Overstanding
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