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What’s Next?

Every work day (take the weekends off), you will get a short email with a simple task to be completed each day. Some will take just a minute or so, some will take just a thought. Optionally, you might want to keep a journal but, above all, remember that ‘Just for Today’ is designed for simplicity and to avoid anything onerous.

You can of course unsubscribe at any time and by opting in, you will be added to our email database. Generally, I send out an email a month. It contains links to free stuff and to stuff you can buy. There will be no heavy sell or obligation on your part to buy anything.

My aim is simple – just by making one simple change each day – we create a more magical world for ourselves, our family and our descendants.

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Get The Book

Well this has to be the slowest book I have written (the fastest was three weeks from 1st word to printed copy in my hands).

I started writing Just for Today daily nuggets of mindfulness in August 2015 and the first book collating my favourites is out today.

Since May this year, the wonderful Siri Stiklestad Opli started illustrating them and this print only book encourages you to write and sketch your thoughts and resulting actions too.

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