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Would you like to discover your fully alive powers?

Would you like to experience a software upgrade for your soul?

Would you like to discover why you came to be?

You are just 13 steps away from awakening into a new higher dimensional world and experiencing a kind of death-less reincarnation …

.. take the first step for free today !


Who is your guide?

Tom EvansTom Evans is not your typical spiritual guru. Indeed, he abhors the term.

He has never stepped foot inside an ashram or studied with a master for years and years. He’s not come back from addiction or some life trauma. He’s just a bloke who is curious and who loves to explore what is possible for us as humans.

His path has been pretty smooth too. Since starting to meditate in his mid-40s, he has been researching and writing about metaphysical experiences. He has 16 books to his name and his meditations have been listened to over 3 million times on Insight Timer. People seem to like his down-to-earth approach.

In this programme, he shares information and content only previously alluded to in his existing books, meditations and courses. Be prepared for quite a ride!

What is the Path of Return?

It is a rather karmic concept. The idea is that we incarnate on the Earth plane to learn and evolve. This takes us down a path and once the learning is done, we return.

It is important to realise that there is not a single, preordained Path of Return. It is said there are 33 Paths of Return. I have always thought this was too low. This is because paths can be combined and interleaved. So if there are indeed 33 paths, it occurred to me there are 33 factorial ways they can be combined, at the very least. This gives us 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 paths to follow. Personally I think the number is closer to infinity.

This programme sets you off on your own path – not mine or anyone else’s.

Why does it involve awakening your inner magician?

You can do anything you like while on your path. It is even a learning not to learn or evolve. Just imagine though if you could pick up some skills to make your journey easier and indeed more fun. The result being to live a magical life.

What traditions does it come from?

To know more about where the Path of Return came from and what it’s really about, read this message I received many years ago from a very gifted channel, it said …

He has manifested a tangible Tool capable of being used by many in places of school and thought.

This is no insignificant project. Born of Love from The Divine. The Original Source is US – the Tarot is JUST his ‘gateway’ his ‘door’.

Tell him it IS US Martina – The Divine Ones.
It is a Tool of Spiritual Law
A tangible Tool.

Let him confess the Truth to himself first and find his path and way for living with it, this will ALWAYS be his comfort and solace ALWAYS.
He writes the word of The Most Divine enrobed
By the names of the ‘doorways’ to Us.
Let it be known to him
That which he receives IS from The Divine.
He is free to “package” at will and need
But for his own heart
and love
tell him
WE are with him – it IS US – it IS ‘I’.

His manifestation of Our word has and will touch many far and wide.
He has not yet seen his full worth or truth.
His words and actions are of The Divine – THAT is why he is “different”
like you – even from “The ‘different’ ones” there.
He has pondered long and hard to find
His place
His point
His aspect
It has caused him much worry and consternation –
“Where do I ‘fit in’”
The truth is – it is HE who has had to “make that place” – because –
‘it’ has never been there before.
“Different even from the ‘different ones’ “ Yes like you Martina.
His die is cast
And plans underway to melt those glaciers and meet
The new frontiers of his life and way there
He has broken new ground
And do all that is necessary
To allow himself the freedom to enjoy the journey, he IS allowed to “enjoy” as a man and a Spirit.
He must have the ability to enjoy as a human in order to achieve balance on all levels.

His life and state a human/person
Must be “allowed”
All that being “human” encompasses.
Do not be allowing ONLY the Spirit,
Without the human element,
The spirit does not grow
And burn so brightly.

The ‘Tool’ to be used in places of work
Places of learning
At ALL levels
To be encompassed into a
School of Thought –
Which is in fact
NOT NEW because it
Is of US.
It is The Packaging which is NEW – AND

It has been packaged as a product
Which is easily accessible
And USABLE by many –
To enable self learning
Development and
Growth through

Understanding is The Key
Attained on the physical
Begets it on the Spirit
And vice versa.

“Understanding” is The Key
To Removal of Blocks
On ALL levels.

He has done so well in The Way he has packaged THE KEY.

A new man with a new tangible package both
Aptly placed
For THIS time there

This is what he is. This is who he IS.
This is what he has got.

How does the programme work?
It is a self-study programme involving 13 steps. You can take as long or as little as you like for the first step which is called Step Zero. You then choose if you want to take Step One – and how much you want to invest in it.

Thereafter you are invited to take, and invest what you like in, each subsequent step after an integration period which is typically between 7 and 28 days.

In a programme like this, what happens is that you undertake the tasks in each step and then your world changes around you. So it is really important to give time to allow the learnings to integrate and to ensure they lead to real world outcomes.

What exactly is Step Zero?

Step Zero is called Voiding Karma. It’s like a reset for the soul. It involves taking stock of current perceived blockages in your life and making a new commitment to learn new ways and new patterns. As for all the steps, it is simple to do and to follow.

What are the other 12 steps?

The other twelve steps are a distillation of years and years of metaphysical research and study on my part. As we go along, I will share pointers of where I found the information from so you can dive deeper if you wish. What I have done though is to make what I have learned simple and I have demystified the mystical using plain language.

  • Step One : Soul Audit
  • Step Two : Awakening : Ethereal Whispers
  • Step Three : Formation : Unconscious Murmurings
  • Step Four : Realisation : Self Awareness
  • Step Five : Rebirth
  • Step Six : Advancement
  • Step Seven : Initiation
  • Step Eight : Self Mastery
  • Step Nine : Planes of Being
  • Step Ten : Entering Service
  • Step Eleven : The Synthesis
  • Step Twelve : Eight Corner Activation
Are there any prerequisites?

All you need to take the first step is an open heart and open mind. Every step you take will also require about a day or so of linear time to complete. This time investment will come back to you instantly in time savings.

What is your investment?

Access to Step Zero is free and may even be enough of a step to take in one lifetime. To access the remaining 12 steps, which are individually ‘priced’ on a DonationWare basis. Simply, you make a donation which is affordable to you. It is important that there is an energy exchange for this programme to work for you.


What if I want to pause?

You only take as many steps as you are comfortable with, at a rate that suits you. You choose when, and if, you take the next step and how far exactly you progress. For some, Step Zero might be more than enough for one lifetime.

What if I need support?

Jackie RobertsJackie Roberts will be on hand throughout your journey to give ad hoc or scheduled support over Zoom or the like. Support can be purchased in half hour blocks and there are discounts available for block bookings.

Jackie has worked with Tom for over 10 years and is one of a handful of practitioners to be trained in his techniques to offer other travellers on a similar path the support they might need. She has a deep love of life, is a wise intuitive and loves to share her lighthearted spirit in a meaningful way. An experienced therapist and coach, she volunteers for a Crisis Support Text line and is often found walking along the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders.

There will be others embarking on this path alongside you. For this reason, we will be using the private Facebook Soulwaves Group so you can share experiences, ask questions and provide each other with support – for free. The group provides us with a safe and mutually supportive environment.

how do I start?

The Path of Return Step Zero

Take Step Zero today as our gift to you. There is no need to go any further and you will get just a single email to remind you about to go forward after seven days. This is not a programme that merits a heavy sell. Only you will know if it is right for you if you see a difference after taking Step Zero.

For each subsequent step, you choose how much you can afford and how much you want to invest in your personal evolution. This applies not just to money but also to time and commitment.