the steps

The next twelve steps in this programme are a distillation of years and years of metaphysical research and study on my part. As we go along, I will share pointers of where I found the information from so you can dive deeper if you wish. What I have done though is to make what I have learned simple and I have demystified the mystical using plain language.

Step 4 Realisation

Introducing Directive Thoughts

Yoga ManMeditation : Collapsing Thoughts

This meditation explores thought forms that are generated elsewhere in our body and it opens the lower mind centres to a new level of awakening.

Keys 1 to 7



The lessons for Steps 2 to 4 first appeared on a platform called Udemy around 2013 – the following steps in this course build on these lectures and are all recorded in 2020.






The Master Flavour : The Obvious

All flavours of thought lead to the wisest card in the Tarot Deck – The Fool. In this state of innocence, we lead a blissful and carefree life where we land on our feet, without a worry in the world.

Yoga ManMeditation : Unpacking Thoughts

The key to mastering the flavours of thought lies in knowing which thought are coming from where. This meditation will help you unpack their source.

Task : Recipes for Fresh Thinking

In this last lesson, you will learn how to use the Flavours of Thought to create real world outcomes. In essence, these are modern day spells, so use them wisely and sagely.

All recipes lead us to The Obvious!

What’s Next?

In Step Five : Rebirth, you will enter the Cube of Karma. This is an esoteric glyph that is like a software upgrade for the soul.

The next six steps are more involved and should be taken over a period of several months. The suggested donation amounts are therefore slightly higher to maintain karmic balance. You can optionally enter any amount from 0.01p if you like.