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The next twelve steps in this programme are a distillation of years and years of metaphysical research and study on my part. As we go along, I will share pointers of where I found the information from so you can dive deeper if you wish. What I have done though is to make what I have learned simple and I have demystified the mystical using plain language.

  • Step Zero : Voiding Karma
  • Step One : Soul Audit
  • Step Two : Awakening
  • Step Three : Formation
  • Step Four : Realisation
  • Step Five : Rebirth
  • Step Six : Advancement
  • Step Seven : Initiation
  • Step Eight : Self Mastery
  • Step Nine : Plane Mastery
  • Step Ten : Entering Service
  • Step Eleven : The Synthesis
  • Step Twelve : Eight Corners

Step One Soul Audit

Esoteric DefinitionMaking the Esoteric Exoteric

I have always had a knack for explaining what seems complex in simple terms.

Well over ten years ago, I came across the Major and Minor Arcanas of the Tarot and glyphs like the Tree of Life and the Cube of Space. They are all amazing tools but I found their exposition clouded in layers of obfuscation. I learned that Esoteric Orders sometimes do this to keep the secrets secret.

Exoteric definitionIn this programme, I will be revealing these secrets but in a practical context and an easy to understand manner.

In this step, we will use a contemporary version of the Tree of Life, to get an idea of where we are on our path and how we might best proceed on a path of enlightenment.

The soul audit itself in this step is bracketed by two meditations (now remastered) that you may have heard before. The context here is different though as they will help you remove baggage that may have held you back and equip you with tools and resources you need going forward.

Yoga ManMeditation : The Well of Emotions

Take a journey into a forest where you discover a magical well where you can dump any unwanted emotional baggage. With this meditation, make sure you make a big ‘splash’.

The Tree of ThoughtTask : Embarking on The Path of Return

Click here, or right click the image, to download and print out the Tree of Thought …

The Path of Involution

The task for each of us in each incarnation is to start at Source, descend into Form and return to Source. This in essence is the Path of Return. Along the way, we will pick up wisdom, perhaps achieve Perfection and a modicum of Success.

1. On your first trip around the Tree of Thought, think about the Decisions that have lead you to this particular Life Path.
2. Then what have you Cultivated that has allowed you to bring your Creations to come into the world?
3. What Revolutions in your thinking have lead you to new Realisation?
4. When in your life have you Extended yourself to alter your Form and presence in the world?

The Path of Evolution

1. How have you prepared yourself to Receive Success?
2. How have you Replicated that Success to hone it into Perfection?
3. What Connections have you made between people or ideas that have augmented your Wisdom?
4. What was Obvious all along that you wish you knew when you started out on this path?

The Middle Way

1. What do Comprehend about your purpose?
2. How solid are your Foundations?
3. How have you Adapted your world view so you can see Beauty in all?
4. How does the world around you Validate this world view?

For some people, who land on their feet all the time, the instructions above are all you have to adhere to in order to live the perfect life. Most people however will encounter resistance and obstacles on the way. When this happens, the Tree of Thought has a myriad of other paths that can be taken to bypass such adversity and to get back on path again. Watch this case study video by way of example.

Yoga ManMeditation : Travelling Light

Now you know where you are on your path, it’s time to dump even more unwanted baggage and to equip yourself for yourself for what’s ahead.

The bazaar you come across in this meditation lies at the end of the path you took as you left the Well of Emotion – and then onwards again as you travel further along your Path of Return.

What’s Next?

In Step Two : Awakening, you will learn about the Flavours of Thoughts and specifically those thought forms that come in through the top of our head and the back of our mind.

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