the steps

The next twelve steps in this programme are a distillation of years and years of metaphysical research and study on my part. As we go along, I will share pointers of where I found the information from so you can dive deeper if you wish. What I have done though is to make what I have learned simple and I have demystified the mystical using plain language.

  • Step Zero : Voiding Karma
  • Step One : Soul Audit
  • Step Two : Awakening
  • Step Three : Formation
  • Step Four : Realisation
  • Step Five : Rebirth
  • Step Six : Advancement
  • Step Seven : Initiation
  • Step Eight : Self Mastery
  • Step Nine : Plane Mastery
  • Step Ten : Entering Service
  • Step Eleven : The Synthesis
  • Step Twelve : Eight Corners

Step 2 Awakening

Preprandial : What are the Flavours of Thought?

In the previous step, when you wandered around the Tree of Thought, you were introduced to the Flavours of Thought. These are inspired by the Keys of the Major Arcana.

In this and the next two steps, we will explore them in more depth before discovering how they can be used to form modern day spells that manifest in our world. See these two short videos as an amuse bouche to tantilise your taste buds before a sumptuous meal.

p.s. the lectures in Steps 2,3 and 4 are mainly from a course that I created a few years back but very much a prequel and prerequisite for steps five and onwards.

Introducing Ethereal Whispers

Yoga ManMeditation : Ethereal Whispers

This meditation was first recorded in 2011 will help you tune into these thought forms.

Note that it is my voice and words recorded back then, yet still relevant now, but remastered with an ambient track in the background I composed and recorded in 2020. The combination is something magical as, both when the voice was recorded and music created, I was connected with the ethereal realms. The aim is that you will be too!

Keys 15 to 21








Task : Dream Analysis

Your task after this step is simple and it’s to use the time when you are sleeping to tune into the ethereal whispers that come to you in dreams or daydreams. Watch this short video and take a journal or notebook to bed.

What’s Next?

In Step Three : Formation, we explore seven more Flavours of Thought. These are the unconscious processes that percolate up to our self-aware mind that give rise to the thoughts we think of as our own.

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