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About Tom

Tom loves taking the esoteric, the unknown and hidden, and making it exoteric, known and understood. Listen to his meditations if you want to create more time, see the future, tap into unlimited ideas and to open your heart, mind and soul. His latest course on the app is called Your Soul Path and shows you how you can allow the path to find you.

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Live Support Sessions for the Path to Overstanding

Between May and August this year, I am living in my motorhome with variable access to the Internet so live sessions will be difficult.

I will be posting recordings of alchemical explorations over the last two years and back live from September through to December.

Next session : will be in September 2023

What will I learn on the Path?

You can imagine that walking along this path is like a death-less reincarnation – some call it a ‘software upgrade for the soul’. Unlike an actual reincarnation, you will retain all your memories, experiences and learnings but you will evolve into a new person with a new way of being, perceiving and doing.

You will learn that struggling through life is entirely optional and how you can entangle with your perfect future self.

The Path starts simply by deconstructing our thought forms before then exploring our true nature as multi-dimensional spiritual beings having an experience in the physical plane.

How are the materials delivered?

The Path To Overstanding is delivered in six modules. The content for these modules is serialised and you will get access to new materials each month. They are accessible by an app called Soundwise which is freely available for both Apple iOS and Android. Once downloaded, you will get notifications when the latest content is published.

What is my investment?

You can subscribe to the six Soundcasts on a monthly basis for just $5.55 a month – or make over a 15% saving by subscribing annually for $55.55 per annum. For best value though, the Path To Overstanding is included in my Tom’s Tomes bundle which includes all my metaphysical books, meditations, music and more. This is available for $99.99 per annum or $9.99 per month.

Do I have to have studied the Tarot?

There is no need to have studied the Tarot before walking this path with me. I recommend though that you take in the whole of the Flavours of Thought Soundcast first before listening to the Path To Overstanding and Meditations on the Keys Soundcasts. You can listen to the Music of the Keys and Uberstanding Soundcasts at any time.

What if I have any questions?

After you listen to each track in each Soundcast, you can leave a comment or ask a question. I get notified on each posting and answer each and every one of them. You can also see the comments and questions from others walking the path.

What is the transformation like?

The transformation from walking the path is subtle. Occasionally you may experience a flash of enlightenment, or a huge stroke of good fortune might arrive at your door, when you are least expecting it. I encourage you to keep a journal to make notes of your thoughts, feelings and experiences, as you walk the path with me and others. Only when you look back will you realise what changes have occurred.

Is it safe?

Walking the path is intrinsically safe. The source of the material comes from a place of unconditional love. I take great care over how the content is created and framed to make sure it’s accessible and free from any of what some call ‘negative energy’. In my book, negative energy doesn’t exist per se and is only positive energy not quite pointing in the right direction.

What if I want to get off the path?

If you find the path is not for you, you can cancel a monthly subscription any time. Annual subscriptions can be cancelled annually of course. If however there is an issue or your financial circumstances change, just get in touch and I will organise a pro rata refund. Note though that by walking the path, you will discover how to create abundance of all forms in your world.

What is the Cube of Overstanding?

This is the next major route on the Path. The original path contains nearly 50 steps so it was easier to create a new container for the materials that will be delivered over the whole of 2023. The Cube of Overstanding is another software upgrade for the soul and some even call it a “death-less reincarnation”. It encapsulates the next level of evolution for humankind where our soul becomes fully incarnate.