Do you want to open your mind?

My multimedia courses are like nothing else on the planet.

They are a mix of metaphysics, creativity, mindfulness, timefulness and kindfulness.

They will help you acheive what you didn’t even know was possible.



audio creation





This 15 day course will align, activate, energise, unblock, balance and integrate your chakras. Are you ready to step up a gear or three?

Would you like more time in your days?
Discover that time is not as fixed as is thought and how you can take control of the speed it passes you by.

Discover the secrets of how to live weller for longer. Imagine having more days as well as the capacity to enjoy them even more.

Discover how to experience light bulb moments on demand.
Find out too how to make sure your best ideas actually happen.

If you like any of my meditations, you might like to have a go at creating your own.
In this short and simple to follow course, I show you how to use the free audio editor, Audacity, to do exactly that.

If there is a book inside you wanting to get out, this course will show you how to make it happen. Let your book write itself and come through you.