practical applications for mindfulness meditation

BlissiplineThis Week’s Nugget of Mindfulness

Just for this week, develop your ‘blissipline’.

Cultivate happiness by sprinkling seeds of joy on your path.

Perform small random acts of kindness as you go about your day.

Treat yourself often & be guilt-free.

This Month’s Meditation

Be Calm does what it says on the tin – using the breath and a mantra, you will find a new level of calmness and clarity.

Just for Today Speech bubbleJust for Today

Get free, beautifully illustrated nuggets of mindfulness gifted to your In Box each day. Discover out what and how we think alters our world and, as a result, the world itself.

What's Involved?

Monday through to Friday, you will get a short email with a simple, mindful thought for the day. The aim is simple - just by making one simple change each day, we can create a more magical world for ourselves, our family, our friends and the people and beings who we are sharing a ride with on Spaceship Earth.

Did I mention? It's completely free!

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A Map of the Heart

Line 1 : Meditations These 10 meditations accompany my new book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. Travel time is just 100 minutes stopping at each ‘station’ for 10 minutes over 10 days. Buy the book and ride this line for free! Line 2 : Books My books are inexpensive way to dip your toe into a more magical and less stressful world. They are available in print, for ereaders…

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My Biz My Way

This month I begin my 61st orbit of our home star on Spaceship Earth. This means I turn 60. Incidentally, that’s a journey of over 35 billion miles around the Sun! It seems somewhat appropriate to mark the occasion with a blog and I was invited to join in with Judith Morgan’s blogfest in January to share some gems of wisdom of how I go about running my business –…

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Live Meditations at the Wellness Day

I’m thrilled to have been invited to deliver several live meditations at the Wellness Day at G-Live … find out what it’s all about in this interview with Stacey Mcintyre … … and here’s what I will be doing on the day Live Meditation Schedule at G-Live on the 10th March Talk : Using Meditation to Live Weller for Longer – 3-4pm in the Glass Room I’ll be delivering more…

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