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storyteller, meditation guide & ambient composer

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Soulwaves : A Future History

Before I wrote any of my current portfolio of books, I drafted a metaphysical novel entitled Soulwaves. It wasn’t very good. Then, I spent my 59th birthday at the funeral of my best friend from school and was prompted to get the book out before I was 60. Another book got in the way but by the time I was 61, a completely re-written version was published in print, ebook and audiobook formats.

The book then inspired me to create a series of meditations called The Soul-full Path and to compose a companion ambient album.
Soulwaves : A Future History

Soulwaves : Insertions

In lockdown, I wrote 12 short stories which are both prequels and sequels to the novel. I was inspired my Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life which was made into the film, Arrival.

The stories too are available in print, ebook and audiobook formats and also inspired me to create a companion series of meditations and an album of ambient music, each inspired in turn by the numbers 1 to 12. 

Next I plan to write the third book in the trilogy called The Duadex … watch this space!Soulwaves : Insertions

In a nutshell

Since I started meditating in my mid-40’s, I have been on somewhat of a transformational journey. I didn’t go to the edge and come back with some amazing enlightenment. Rather, I studied with two esoteric schools and learned how to make arcane wisdom both understandable and accessible.

My skill is in making the esoteric exoteric. I am passionate in sharing how there is no need to go to hell and back in search of enlightenment, unless you want to particularly. There is an easier and much more enjoyable way.

So, all kind of by accident, I became an author, a meditation guide and, latterly, an ambient composer. Some also call me a modern day mystic, alchemist and wizard. I prefer to be known as Tom who rather likes going down the pub for a pint and having a laugh.


“Truth is just a measure of how close what we observe matches our model of reality.”

“Enlightenment lies in saying goodbye to endarkenment.”

“There is only one thing we know for sure and that’s that there is more that we don’t know than we do know.”

Bewitch and Beguile

Bewitch and Beguile

Seven years ago, in May 2017, I was approached by Siri Opli who asked if I would like my daily Just for Today memes to be illustrated. I had no reason to say no so we embarked on a journey with no plan to reach any destination but just to enjoy the ride. We flipped...

A Spring in My Step

A Spring in My Step

This moonth, the plan that emerged at the start of the year - after the much needed stock-taking hiatus - is starting to unfold. The serialisation of Soulwaves is nearing the half way point and it’s a real pleasure for me to listen to something I wrote nearly five...

On a Roll

On a Roll

On the 27th February, which is a year to the day since we moved out for our house refurb to proceed, my audio studio was back in operation … and I am back on a roll. What’s more, on the 28th February, the workmen left site and the drilling and banging stopped, the...