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Just for Today Daily Nuggets of Mindfulness

These daily nuggets of mindfulness were inspired by my most popular meditation on Insight Timer, called Just for Today – itself inspired by the Reiki precepts.

You can listen to this meditation for free here and watch Siri the Illustrator create a watercolour live. This is just one of 21 watercolours and meditations our mid-level patrons get instant access to for supporting us. We add a new meditation each month, so our patrons are the first to get hear them.

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Latest News : Two Books Are Born

Book #1 : The Big Ü

The Big Ü Hardback

This is the first book I have co-authored, as opposed to co-created with an illustrator.

The Big Ü is a clarion call for people to step up to become the biggest and best version of themselves possible.

If you harbour a suspicion that there is a better world out there waiting for you to find it, then this book is for you.

If you are seeking a quality of freedom to follow your wildest of wild dreams, then this book is for you.

If you feel a sense of purpose and want to make a difference, then this book is for you too.

It’s a book in four parts, each with a guided meditation. The ebook and paperback versions will be available from the 8th August 2018 and the hardback and audiobook versions towards the end of August.

It is clarion call to each of us to step up and step out into becoming the biggest and best version of ourselves possible.

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Book #2 : Soulwave : A Future History of Us

We are really exciting to launch the first serialisation we’ve ever done of a novel – each chapter illustrated by Siri.

Each week I will be releasing two chapters of my first full novel, Soulwave, to a new $1 tier of patronage we have just launched. Existing patrons will get automatic access.

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Latest Memes and Musings

A Blog Going Back to Basics

© gabrielle cole When blogs first came about, they were mainly designed to act as a chronological journal. Some still are but many, including this one, are repositories of articles, often categorised to make blogs easier to find. Latterly whole web sites, again, including this one and all my other sites, are built on blog…

The Slowest Book I’ve Written

In 2012, on September 3rd, I started writing what became my quickest book called This We Know. 14 days later, on the 17th September (that same year), a copy of the print version arrived in the post. This is the story of the slowest book I have written. It is novel which foretells the end…

One Million Listens

This month I reached a milestone which was not in my wildest of wild dreams and not on any To Do List, or set of goals. My meditations and podcasts on mindfulness have been listened to over 1 million times. When we hit milestones like this, it’s a good idea to reflect back on how…

Just for Today Moving to Patreon

I’ve been emailing daily nuggets of mindfulness out since August 2016. Then in May last year, I was approached by an amazingly talented artist from Norway, called Siri Stiklestad Opli, who offered to illustrate them. We have had an amazing year of co-creation working together. The forthcoming GDPR regulations made us really re-evaluate the sense…