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Soulwaves Anthology

Have you ever wondered where we came from?

Have you ever wondered where we are heading?

Have you ever wondered if anyone is pulling your strings?

If you’ve ever suspected you are part of something bigger than you can imagine then let me turn your thinking on its head…

Tom’s TomesWhat subscribers get access to :

– over 20 hours of audiobooks
– over 7 hours of ambient music
– over 16 hours of meditations
– over 16 hours of teachings

and each month :

– a new ambient music track to chill out and expand to
– a new ambient track to use with your own meditations
– three new exclusive meditations
– first listen to new chapters of what ever I am writing
– exclusive talks, lectures and podcasts

Soulwaves : A Future History

Could all of this be about to unfold?

Is this how life on earth ends?

A tale from the future, told in the present

Narrated by the author in an audiobook lasting over 9 hours

Plus over 5 hours of ambient music and over 4 hours of soul-full meditations

Soulwaves : Insertions

Twelve Short Mind-opening Stories – 3 hour audiobook

Twelve Ambient Tracks seeded by the numbers 1 to 12

Twelve Numerological Meditations

Twelve Exploratory Lectures on the Notions of Numbers

Soulwaves : The Duadex

A Future History of the Universe

The transition from planetary guardians to cosmic caretakers

A series of serialised meditales – available exclusively to my Soundwise subscribers

Get involved with the direction of the novel

Subscribe today to get instant access to the complete Soulwaves Anthology

  • Soulwaves : A Future History audiobook
  • Soulwaves : Ambient Album
  • The Soul-full Path Meditations
  • Soulwaves : Insertions audiobook
  • Insertions Ambient Album
  • Insertions Meditations on Numbers
  • Insertions Lectures on Numerology

PLUS get access to all these bonuses

  • Soulwaves : The Podcast
  • This We Know (philosophy)
  • This We Are (philosophy)
  • The Germinatrix (22 short stories inspired by the Tarot)
  • One Hundred Years of Ermintrude (my 1st ever short story)
  • 21 Day Meditation Re-treat (mind-opening meditations)
  • Living Timefully (24 x 1 minute time tips)

PLUS these new soundcasts included in your annual subscription


The most economical way to access the anthology is by subscription via my Soundwise app. You can subscribe for as little as $6.66 per month, when purchased annually.


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Just for Each Day
ambience for meditations royalty free
ambience for meditations royalty free

“Forget about binge watching. Since I subscribed to these Soundcasts, I’ve been binge listening. Your storytelling style just draws me in.”

“This was a first for me. Insertions was my first audiobook. I thoroughly enjoyed the deep wisdom it held within. Each story makes you think again.”

“Wow Tom, you have an amazing imagination. Your stories are mind-opening and world-changing. I love how I can ask you questions as I go along.”