Latest Happenstances

My blog used to be a repository for articles and thought pieces – you can still access them in the archive. This year it’s morphing into what a blog used to be – a journal of my goings on and happenings.

Small Steps Big Steps

Soulwaves : The Audiobook This month has been consumed by audiobook production - slotted in around loads of family support. At 100 chapters and just shy of 100k words, there is no short cut. I am managing 10 chapters a week and am 70 chapters in at the...

Taking Hands off the Wheel

Artwork by Siri Stiklestad Opli The month of August has become a big handle turning exercise. September augurs more of the same. The reason being is that 35 of the 100 chapters of Soulwaves are now narrated. I make no bones about it, it is a huge task and big ask,...

Two Million Listens

Several blogs ago I set my stall our to post once a month as a bread crumb trail of what was going on in my life - the original purpose and format for a blog perhaps. Something happened at the start of this month which means I should break with this...


Now I should state that I am really not a fan of Formula 1. To me the prospect of watching paint dry is more compelling. That said, I am a big fan of analogy and metaphor and the concept of taking a pit stop and changing tyres for a new road ahead seemed...

Cogs Are Turning

This month I did something I have never done before in the middle of a big project. I took a month off. Well not exactly, I packed up a house I’d lived in for 20 years and had a week's holiday on a wide beam 64 foot long canal boat on the Kennet &...

Winding Down and Winding Up

The two pillars in the High Priestess card in the Tarot represent Involution and Evolution. Involution is like a winding down, or curling up, and it leads to evolution when it unfolds again. Reflecting on this natural cycle, the High Priestess sits on a Cube (more on...

Crossing Over

This month sees a couple of new crossings over. One of them was planned and the other unexpected and accidental. Crossing #1 : Non-fiction to fiction The first planned crossing is from non-fiction author to post-dystopian cyberpunk novelist as the first draft, at...

Being Seen and Heard

Being Seen This month I did something I have been meaning to do for ages, I had some new photography done for my site. The wonderful Maria O'Brien of Haiga Photography popped over to my house on a glorious pre-spring day. You'll find my mugshot on all main...

My Biz My Way Part 2

This time last year I was invited by Judith Morgan to reflect on how I did my business my way. A year on, or another Sun orbit, I thought it worthwhile to reflect on how it all went. You can read the first blog here ... Soulwave Update A stroke for my...

Talking Loud and Clear

This month, I reminded myself that sometimes my usual 'laissez-faire', going-with-the-flow methodology and philosophy might not always be the optimal strategy. I was blessed with some amazing conversations and connections this month and took the...

The Turning Point

This January, I did something that I had not done for a number of years. I started out by taking my foot off the gas. Partly ticking off something from the bucket list and partly winding up my 60th year with some fellow sexagenarian friends, I went to Northern...
Valles Marineris

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