practical applications for mindfulness meditation

Just for TodayThis Week’s Nugget of Mindfulness

Just for this week, nurture your talents.

Learn something new.
Practice your art in a new context, or in new location.
Practice, hone and perfect.
Treat yourself to at least one creative day.
Pass it on …

This Month’s Meditation

Just for Today is my most listened to meditation. It sets up the most perfect day ahead and is best listened to first thing in the morning … and on each and every day.

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Monday through to Friday, you will get a short email with a simple, mindful thought for the day. The aim is simple - just by making one simple change each day, we can create a more magical world for ourselves, our family, our friends and the people and beings who we are sharing a ride with on Spaceship Earth.

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How to Master Time

Invest an hour of your time listening to this interview with Smita Joshi and I guarantee you will dicsover at least one tip which will give you that hour back …

Another Quarter Billion Miles

The Earth travels over a half billion miles each year as it orbits around the Sun. So today, on the Winter Solstice, you can think of as being the end of one orbit and the start of the next. It’s a good time to reflect on this orbit’s highlights and what’s coming up on the next spin around our home star. Here’s what’s been happening since this blog I wrote…

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Change Your Mind Change Your Time

The normal human mind is only capable of experiencing one thought at a time. If you think about the past or the future, your attention is diverted from what you are focussing on at any one time. As our mind is prone to wander, this tends to make us naturally inefficient. With a constant barrage of both internal and external interruptions, it is not surprising that some people’s efficiency can…

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