How to Use the Tracks

This video explains how to produce a track in Audacity.

They also work in other audio editing programmes.

Note that, when you upload you track to Insight Timer, a credit in the description would be appreciated. If you use it for a course or a Premium Track and make loads of wonga, you know what to do by way of karmic balance 😉

You can listen to the podcast on how to become a meditation guide on the Soulwaves Podcast here …

License for Re-Use of Ambient Music

You are free to use any of the ambient layers available for download on this page with the following restrictions:

1. They cannot be used separately without the addition of your voice.

2. They can only be used for tracks uploaded to Insight Timer – either free, IT Premium or courses

3. They cannot be used outside Insight Timer and packaged and sold commercially, without my permission and under separate agreement

4. Where possible, mentions of the source of the ambient track are appreciated e.g. ambient music © Tom Evans

I accept no liability for any misuse of the tracks.

All tracks remain the exclusive © of Tom Evans and Tmesis Ltd : June 2024

PDF Release License for use of Tom Evans Ambience on Insight Timer