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“What goes around comes around …”

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NEW FOR 2024

A playlist serialising my novel Soulwaves in 10 parts

Soulwaves : A Future History : Insight Timer Playlist

Starting on the 1st Jan, 10 chapters of the 100 chapter book will be published each month, up to the 1st October 2024


About Soulwaves
Recipes for Fresh Thinking

This course is the introduction to a whole series of courses which are based on the three courses entitled Flavours of Thought.

The recipes are effectively modern day spells that will bring magic into your world. We can use them to solve issues in our lives or to open up new possibilities and potentials. They can also be used to initiate us into higher states of consciousness.

Dealing with Anger

This mindfully short course is one of a series which combines the flavours of thought into easily digestible recipes.

This course consists of four lessons, namely a small starter, a sumptuous main course, a tasty dessert and some petit fours to finish – all designed to help you banish uncontrolled anger forever. Learn how holding on to anger is like holding a hot coal and not dropping it.

r4ft abundance

This timefully short course is one of a series of courses which combines flavours of thought into easily digestible recipes.

These three delicious recipes will help you generate abundance, in all its forms, into your life and world. If you are tired of pushing water uphill, treat yourself to a sumptuous banquet and let abundance flow into your life and your world.

Flavours of Thought

This first course explores thought forms that emanate from outside of our neurology. These are the source and fuel for our creativity. If you have ever had an idea ‘off the top’ of your head, you will have heard a whisper already.

Flavours Of Thought #2

This second course in the series explores thought forms that percolate up from our lower mind centres. Pay attention to them and you will never put a foot out of kilter. Ignore them and you may end up pushing water uphill.

Insertions 7-12

This third course explores thought forms that are generated in our brain that are seeded from ethereal whisper and unconscious murmurs. You will also get a sample taster of a Recipe for Fresh Thinking.

This is a mindfully short course, with just seven short lessons, designed to help you forge a strong bond with your creative muse – and if you like, the higher realms.

You will also discover how to bond with your guides and even how to channel your future self.

Learn how to write and create in trance so that your writing and creations entrance the reader, listener or observer.

The course is primarily designed for writers, songwriters, or meditation guides but the techniques covered will help you in any artistic endeavour.

“I connected for the first time and loved the automatic writing. This is all new to me and I was so grateful and moved by how easy it was to connect if I let go.”

Tom’s succinct, fresh and zesty way of teaching is brilliant.

Thanks to the universe for the magic of enabling me to find Tom and his courses.

Purposeful Living

Discover how to live a fulfilled live, on purpose and to walk a path of bliss and ease. This mindfully short course will also show you how your purpose can be revealed for you.

Living Timefully

In our modern world, we have lost touch with natural time. Become a Time Lady or Lord and discover how to go with the temporal flow and get time back under your personal control.

Keys to Overstanding

Treat yourself to twenty three meditations inspired by the keys of the Major Arcana. They are designed to safely and gently awaken nascent aspects of your consciousness.

The Magic of Numbers Course

Numbers are hard-wired into our consciousness, our neurology, our DNA and the cosmos, yet we are very often unconscious of how we are influenced by them. No maths knowledge required!!

Your Soul Path

When we walk our Soul Path, the path we were destined to follow finds us. We stop pushing water uphill and begin to go with the flow & discover how to live a charmed life.

The Art of Timefulness

In just 10 days, discover how to change your relationship with time forever, with just 10 meditations all 13 minutes 33 seconds long. Take control of your Personal Time Machine.

Mindfulness for Busy People

In just 30 days, discover how to embrace mindfulness to find a calmer and happier world. Take control of your life by treating yourself to some Me Time each day.

The Business of Mindfulness

In 10 days, discover how to run a smarter, leaner business with less effort and more ease. Find out how your business can benefit from being more mindful, timeful and kindful.

Your Soul Path

These are the first six short stories on how higher intelligences come down to the Earth Plane at times of transition.

Insertions 7-12

This second set of short stories are wilder and more metaphysical and will open your mind and change your world.

The Business of Mindfulness

Treat yourself to musical explorations inspired by the numbers one to six. Headphones are a must.

Mindfulness for Busy People

This second half of the album musically explores the nature of the numbers seven to twelve.

Your Soul Path

This first third of the album are inspired by keys one to seven of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Musically, they trigger processes in the self-aware mind.

Insertions 7-12

This second third of the album are inspired by keys eight to fourteen of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Musically, they influence the unconscious mind.

The Business of Mindfulness

The third part of this album music is inspired by keys #15 to #22. These help connect us with the ethereal realms. Headphones are recommended.

Your Soul Path
Insertions 7-12