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Insight Timer has launched a new feature for its MemberPlus subscribers.

Now I am able to upload premium meditations, music and audiobooks with an ad hoc length and format.

Invest in MemberPlus for just $5 a month (if paid annually) and you will get access to thousands of courses and oodles of premium resources from me and so many other guides.

While the vast proportion of content on the app continues to be completely free, income from you listening to my premium tracks gives me more time and space to create more and more content.

“What goes around comes around …”

Insight Timer Member Plus


a metaphysical and mystical numerological exploration

The Magic of Numbers Course

Over the coming months and throughout next year, here’s my plan for what you will be able to access …
  • Arcanum : Music of the Keys #15 to #22
  • Meditations on the Keys #1 to #7
  • Meditations on the Keys #8 to #14
  • Meditations on the Keys #15 to #22
  • Meditation on the Zero Key
  • Soulwaves : A Future History Parts #1 to #10
  • The Duadex : the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology
  • plus some exclusive interviews …
  • and some rather special and mystical meditations …
… so my premium portfolio will be growing monthly, scroll down to find out what you can access right away
Your Soul Path

When we walk our Soul Path, the path we were destined to follow find us. We stop pushing water uphill and begin to go with the flow.

The Art of Timefulness

In 10 days, change your relationship with time forever, with just 10 meditations all 13 minutes 33 seconds long. Take control of your Personal Time Machine, your mind.

The Business of Mindfulness

In 10 days, discover how to run a smarter, leaner business with less effort and more ease. Find out how your business can benefit from being more mindful, timeful and kindful.

Mindfulness for Busy People

In just 30 days, discover how to embrace mindfulness to find a calmer and happier world. Take control of your life by treating yourself to some Me Time each day.

Your Soul Path

These are the first six short stories on how higher intelligences come down to the Earth Plane at times of transition.

Insertions 7-12

This second set of short stories are wilder and more metaphysical and will open your mind and change your world.

The Business of Mindfulness

Treat yourself to musical explorations inspired by the numbers one to six. Headphones are a must.

Mindfulness for Busy People

This second half of the album musically explores the nature of the numbers seven to twelve.

Your Soul Path

This first third of the album are inspired by keys one to seven of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Musically, they trigger processes in the self-aware mind.

Insertions 7-12

This second third of the album are inspired by keys eight to fourteen of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Musically, they influence the unconscious mind.

The Business of Mindfulness

Coming soon in Q4 2023 : music inspired by keys 15 to 22. These help connect us with the ethereal realms.

Your Soul Path
Insertions 7-12