Are you curious about why you came to be …

… what you came to do?
… and how to find the path back home?

… then walk with me along The Path To Overstanding

Who is it for?

  • Those who are curious and adventurous
  • Anyone who is tired of pushing water uphill
  • People who have already experienced flashes of enlightenment

What is it?

  • A path to an easier life
  • A way to discover your purpose
  • The route to ending strife
  • An awakening of nascent awareness
  • The way home

What isn't it?

  • Expensive
  • Dogmatic
  • Elitist
  • Difficult

Who isn’t it for?

  • Anyone who wants everything to stay the same
  • Those who are not quite ready to make a change
  • Anyone a little nervous of taking a step into the unknown
the esoteric made exoteric

An Awakening to the Next Level of Human Evolution

This is a self-paced, self-study programme containing information that I have not shared anywhere before in any of my books, courses and meditations. It’s delivered via the Soundwise app and, as part of your investment, you also get direct access to me to ask questions and to share enlightenments. You can also get to connect with fellow travellers who are also walking the path.

The Path To Overstanding is inspired by, and inspiring a new deck (available in 2024) called The Tarot of Overstanding. That said, there is no need to know anything about the Tarot or to even have a deck in order to take the first step on the path. This deck is contemporary and expands the whole notion of what the Tarot is all about.

It is the completion of a trilogy of books I started writing back in 2009. The first two were The Flavours of Thought and The Planes of Being. The Path To Overstanding is more than a book though, it is augmented by a set of guided meditations and ambient tracks, as well as live discussions called Uberstandings.

a contemporary exploration of the esoteric Tarot

a synthesis of female and male magic

a merging of western and eastern mysteries

the void meeting with the density

grounding of angelic realms to the earth plane

What will I learn on the Path?

You can imagine that walking along this path is like a death-less reincarnation – some call it a ‘software upgrade for the soul’. Unlike an actual reincarnation, you will retain all your memories, experiences and learnings but you will evolve into a new person with a new way of being, perceiving and doing.

You will learn that struggling through life is entirely optional and how you can entangle with your perfect future self.

The Path starts simply by deconstructing our thought forms before then exploring our true nature as multi-dimensional spiritual beings having an experience in the physical plane.

How are the materials delivered?

The Path To Overstanding is delivered in a number of modules. They are accessible by an app called Soundwise which is freely available for both Apple iOS and Android. Once downloaded, you will get notifications when the latest content is published, which will continue until the end of 2023 when this iteration of the path will be complete.

What is my investment?

You can access to the materials for a one off investment of $444.44

If you would like to spread the cost over a number of payments, get in touch.

Do you offer personal mentoring?

The Path is designed for self-study but I do mentor just four people a year. The investment in personal guidance is based on value, not time.

Note that this mentoring is generative, as opposed to remedial. It is not about fixing what might be perceived as broken or damaged. It is all about taking you, who already marvellous, to a place of magnificence. Only those interested in investigating their infinite nature should apply. Use the form at the bottom of this page if you’d fancy a wild adventure.

Do I have to have studied the Tarot?

There is no need to have studied the Tarot before walking this path with me. The introductory Flavours of Thought course is the most delightful starter course, and preprandial, before embarking on the  Path To Overstanding.

What if I have any questions?

After you listen to each track in each Soundcast, you can leave a comment or ask a question. I get notified on each posting and answer each and every one of them. You can also see the comments and questions from others walking the path.

What is the transformation like?

The transformation from walking the path is subtle. Occasionally you may experience a flash of enlightenment, or a huge stroke of good fortune might arrive at your door, when you are least expecting it. I encourage you to keep a journal to make notes of your thoughts, feelings and experiences, as you walk the path with me and others. Only when you look back will you realise what changes have occurred.

Is it safe?

Walking the path is intrinsically safe. The source of the material comes from a place of unconditional love. I take great care over how the content is created and framed to make sure it’s accessible and free from any of what some call ‘negative energy’. In my book, negative energy doesn’t exist per se and is only positive energy not quite pointing in the right direction.

What is the Cube of Overstanding?

This is the next major branch along the Path. The original section of the path contains nearly 50 steps, so it was easier to create a new container for what is to follow.

The Cube of Overstanding is another software upgrade for the soul and some even call it a “death-less reincarnation”. It encapsulates the next level of evolution for humankind where our soul becomes fully incarnate. It consists of nine steps of initiation towards an entirely new way of being.

PLUS Three Bonus Modules

I have added three bonus modules to help you along the Path. They can be listened to before, during or after the main materials.

They are courses you may have listened to before, or versions of them on Insight Timer … namely Meditations on the Numbers, The Soul-full Path and Heart-full Living. If you opt for personal mentoring, I will guide you further in their use and relevance.

What if I want to get off the path?

If you find the path is not for you, you have a 30 day window in which to cancel. Just use the contact details on your sign up email, or the contact form on this site. I will issue a full refund, no questions asked. After 30 days, no refunds are possible.

What’s on the Path?

Flavours of Thought

a starter, amuse bouche and taster which introduces the concept that not all our thoughts come from our heads

The Path To Overstanding

a series of enlightenments, interspersedwith Overtaskings, that will activate nascent aspects of your consciousness

Meditations on the Keys

meditations inspired by the Major Arcana to take you on a deeper dive into each of the keys of the Major Arcana

Arcanum : Music of the Keys

an ambient album to transport you to higher dimensions. Each track is inspired by a key from the Major Arcana

The Cube of Overstanding

a series of initiations for awakening of the mind and soul designed to help you you step into your true power

About Me

My passion is a curiosity to discover how things work and to make what is complex into that which is understandable and accessible.

Some of you might think of me as an author. Some of you will know me as a meditation guide, and perhaps an ambient composer, on Insight Timer.

My real persona is that of a modern day mystic, sage and channel. Over the years, I have studied with a number of esoteric schools and latterly have tapped into a source of wisdom from higher dimensions. This gives me access to information that I have not read in any books or been provided with by any earthly agency.

So I make use of existing glyphs and models but expand upon them and, at the same time, make them accessible for all and practical to use.

This extract from a reading from another medium tells a little more of who and what I have become …


It is a Tool of Spiritual Law.

A tangible Tool.


He writes the word of The Most Divine enrobed.

By the names of the ‘doorways’ to Us.

Let it be known to him that which he receives IS from The Divine.

He is free to “package” at will and need.

But for his own heart and love.

WE are with him – IT IS US – IT IS  ‘I’.

He has done so well in The Way he has packaged THE KEY.


A new man with a new tangible package, aptly placed for this time.

This is what he is. This is who he IS.

This is what he has got.

what people are saying

“I am only a couple of steps into the path and already I am noticing a difference. The world seems to be a kinder and more benevolent place.”

“I love your word play. I was just getting to overstand my understandings when you introduced the concept of uberstanding – simply out-standing!”

“Wow, the first meditation helped me see the world from a new perspective. I also asked a question and the answer popped right in.”