What’s Your Flavour?

Latest Meditation : What’s Your Flavour?

This mindfully short track is an introduction to the first in a new series of courses that I am publishing on the app that explores the nature of our thoughts. Discover how not all thoughts are necessarily what you think of as being your own.


“ Thank you for this beautiful meditation🙏 I felt I was floating in space with the stars, the galaxy floating peacefully where it’s exactly perfect. Blessings of gratitude🙏”


New Guidance : It’s OK to be Different

Last month I had a reading from a medium who gave me a message to write and record some meditations and guidance for those with different abilities like autism and ADHD. My immediate reaction was that I have no experience or qualifications. On the basis that you never know until you try, here is some mindfully short guidance. And then feedback like this came in …

“ Tom, I am so thankful that you were guided to write and share this uplifting, supportive celebration of those of us who follow a path less traveled. I will listen to this heartfelt track at the start and end of each day to remind me that it’s OK and an honour to have the power of being an Empath/Highly Sensitive Person. Ever grateful! 🙏🏻💕”

Tap into my portfolio of meditations, music, meditales and mindful conversations on Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the most popular, genuinely free meditation app available. You can access it from an app for any iOS or Android device and now also on the web.

I started uploading content in 2016 and people seemed to like my British accent, the accessibility and relevance of my meditations and my sense of humour. I don’t think meditation should be reverential or pseudo-spiritual. As an ex-BBC TV engineer, my meditations all lead to practical real world outcomes.

So, as well as meditations to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep, you will find visualisations to help you change the speed of time and have ideas off the top of your head. You will also discover a growing archive of relaxing ambient music which also can be used in the background while you are working on creative tasks. Quite a few of my audiobooks and meditative short stories too are also available for free via the app.

For advanced meditators, you will find tracks to connect you to higher levels of consciousness and to discover pathways to new ways to be and do.

“Like planting a tree, the best time to start meditating is yesterday and the second best time is today”

Benefits for beginners

If you are new to meditation, you will quickly discover that treating yourself to just 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’ everyday will help make your days go smoother. Many of my meditations are exactly 10 minutes long for this reason.

Benefits for regular meditators

After just a few weeks of regular meditation, you will improve your creativity and increase your productivity. You begin to get the time you invest in meditation back, many times over.

Chill out to a Meditale

I have loads of what I call “meditales” to lull you off to sleep bedtime or daytime nap. They are written in trance and designed to entrance the listener.

My Insight Timer Playlists

Soulwaves Ambient

This playlist is a collation of a number of my meditations that riff off the ‘Just for Today’ meme. The idea is simple. Just do or think one new thing each day and your life will change, for the better, out of all recognition.

The Germinatrix

Listen to 22 short stories each inspired by a key of the Major Arcana. There is no need to study the Tarot for years for its magic to rub off on you.

The Zone Show on Insight Timer

This playlist is a collation of podcasts exploring the themes of mindfulness and metaphysics. They are conversations with visionaries, change makers and fellow Insight Timer meditation guides.